Congratulations – And A Change

First off, high congratulations and praise for the 19 blogs that were selected to be a part of the blog pack.  I applaud CK for expanding the count to 40 to incorporate as many of the new blogs as possible!

That said, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.  There were 39 blogs submitted, which means just about half of the blogs submitted were admitted.  These days I blog almost exclusively about EVE, and if I can’t keep the quality of the blog above the 50th percentile – well, that’s a problem.

I’ve been powering ahead nonstop in EVE, especially with starting our own corp and I’ve been blogging about four times a week about my experiences.  And I’m feeling what may be the front edges of burnout.  I say that because I have a free weekend – not alot of work, wife and kids out of town – and I’ve spent less time than I expected playing EVE.  I have a hunch I need to throttle back from my current pace.

Given that, I’ve decided to make some changes.  First off, for the month of September, there will be only two posts a week – on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Maybe if I slow the quantity, I can improve the quality.  Secondly, only one of these two posts will be about EVE.

I’v been holding onto my birthday money, and I think its time to branch out and split my time some.  I haven’t decided which yet.  Originally I was going to do a Station Pass, as I enjoy the variety, and it would allow me to continue Pirates of the Burning Sea with my brother – but he has since stopped playing to concentrate on school, and so I may just par down to a single game.  Maybe EQ to finally experience that epic server, maybe EQ2, which really offers the complete package, maybe something else.  Suggestions (and a regular group or guild home) are welcome.

Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend.  So far I’ve spent most of my free time watching old sci fi movies!  H G Wells anyone?

4 thoughts on “Congratulations – And A Change

  1. Bah, I think you’re doing fine. Maybe it’s a who you know more than what you write thing? *Are* those other 20 blogs so much better than yours?

    But maybe I’m just biased for a fellow CoW. MOOOOOO!

  2. Oh and EQ2! Cmon, you know you wanna! (Or rather if you do and you don’t tell me, I’ll hunt you down and sic strange crustaceans on you. You’ve been warned.)

  3. I was not part of any selection process, but perhaps the sparse layout of your blog turned off the potential reader. When faced with one header image and a small wall o’ text, it tends to fail to grab the attention.

    In respect to your blogging posts, I think they are well done and you should keep it up. Don’t let disappointment in a setback stop you. 🙂

    1. KK, thanks for the feedback! I’m not entirely happy with the current layout, I just wanted something “clean.” Perhaps its time to change again.

      And thanks KK and Yush for the encouragement, I won’t be quitting, just refocusing. Less posts mean I can spend more time on each, perhaps incorporate more graphical elements, etc.

      For all – feedback is welcome! I have a vocation that requires a fairly thick skin. You don’t have to worry about getting flamed for any constructive criticism you can give. I take CK’s decision not badly, but as an opportunity to improve. (-:

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