Taking the Long View

I lost myself in EVE skill land last night for a bit, with EVE Mon sitting open on the desktop as I alt-tab’d in and out of the Level 4 mission I was helping with.  In some ways, this was a good reminder of just how far I’ve come in EVE. (Which reminds me, though it deserves a full post – it is my firm belief that the interface in EVE HQ was designed to be as user unfriendly as possible.  I used it for so short a time I didn’t even bother telling you I had switched.)

I want one...
I want one...

With skills, I tend to fetch a cool idea from thin air and move into it, as I have done with Cov Ops.  But as I play I have found some gaps in my skill training.  I can fly battleships – but I could use another couple of weeks to fill out the skill set better.  I have Cov Ops at 4, and have the modules I need, but I have only a minimal rating in probing and its secondary skills.

So I sat down last night and set up a skill plan that will last a few months.  It will fill out the remainder of my learning skills to 4, get me set up for T2 gear for frigates and cruisers, all with an aim towards setting me up for command ships and then carrier training over the next year.   I’ve been way to excited about getting new ships, and not nearly excited enough about being able to utilize them to their fullest capacity.

Anyway, as I wrapped all this up and got more fully into our mission, I realized we were fighting a faction I hadn’t seen before, the EoM – Equilibrium of Mankind.    And they were driving really slick looking versions of Amarr ships.   Anyone know if I can get one of their ships via contract or specialized LP?

ETA:  After some additional research, it seems they have no LP, agents, or sov.  But they make up for it with pretty badass paint schemes…


8 thoughts on “Taking the Long View

  1. Hey, new layout! It *is* less sparse than the old one was, which I like, though it’s not as elegant as the old one was. Can’t win em all!

    However, you seem to have automatic excerpts turned on, which means that in my RSS feed I only see a teaser. If this isn’t intentional, I’d beg you to turn it off — most of the time when I have 120 articles lined up and 23 seconds in which to read them all, if something is 3 lines of teaser text and a link, I won’t bother with the link.

    You might not want to, though — the one upside is that it’ll force page visits to the site itself, I guess. (As you can tell I’m not a huge fan, plus I’m a contrary cow so if I feel forced to do anything, I usually try really hard NOT to do it. Heh.)

    Um yes, other than that… EVEMon and other calc thingies make my head explode. Just so you know.

    1. Ysh, I’ll check it out, it wasn’t an intentional change. I’m not that desperate for extra hits. I went through 70 some themes today and didn’t find any I really liked. But, its a change, so we’ll see how it does.

      Still hovering on that EQ2 decision though…hmmmm.

  2. RSS Feed: The feed should show the full post now, if I have worked the settings right.

    Colors: The color options on this layout are…lacking. I may have to find another 3 column layout with more in the options department…

    EQ2: My brother arrived last night and in the course of conversation, he told me he had budgeted for 2 mmo’s. WoW with his girlfriend, and one to play with me. We are discussing our options. (-:

  3. dizimedia

    I don’t understand why some people say EVEHQ is hard to use…I’ve never had any problems with the interface…I swear by EVEHQ 😀

  4. Arkaihnen

    As i’m sure you probably already know, the only way to get those pretty amarr ships (the colour schemes that is) is by going t2. You see it often when doing missions that npcs use the hulls of the t2 ships we can get ingame 🙂

    From what i’ve heard the majority of people would love to be able to paint ships but I don’t see that coming into eve anytime soon T_T

    1. Actually the EOM ship skins are not available anywhere else in the game. They basically use the Khanid paint scheme on the ships that don’t have the Khanid T2 option, like the Apoc pictured there.

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