EVE Alts Take Pay Cut, Film at 11.

I’ve always said I didn’t want an alt in EVE.   Too much work – the headache of training them, of alt-tabbing in and out, of upkeeping skills…not to mention doubling my cost for playing the game for the sake of what amounted to a luxury item.
But CCP knows how to make a tempting offer, don’t they?  The Power of Two offer, which EVE has rolled out several times over the history of the game, seems to be back.

$50 for 6 months.  That’s hard to argue with…

6 months for 49.95
Having that extra account at your disposal is sometimes indispensable. It can help turn the tides on a difficult mission or turn a taxing task into a more efficient venture. A second account also means more places you can be at once, which makes monitoring the markets easier and reduces travel time.

Trying out new and different skills
Extra firepower on missions
An extra hauler for miners
A tag along salvager

There are plenty of reasons to have a second account, and right now the biggest one is the Power of 2.

Offer valid only for newly created accounts. Existing accounts (trials included), active or expired, do not qualify for this promotion. Power of 2 may not be combined with other offers. Subscription of the new account will automatically renew after the six month period. Renewal will occur at the regular six month subscription price. Offer only available for Credit Cards and Direct Debit.

Offer expires October 17th, 2009.

I wonder how this actually works.  I mean, my brother is thinking of starting play again….what if I start an alt account for him.  Then he gets to play for six months for almost half price.  Hmmm…then I would have a living alt, and all the headaches I mentioned above would go away….

Pardon me, I have some quasi-evil musing to do….


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