Corporate Mergers

I need to break out my blueberry almond martinis, as we successfully negotiated a corp merger last night.

So my five capsuleer BB-I corp will be merging with an eight member local corp to give us more staying power and more market power.

As the weeks have unfolded, we’ve really found a niche in industrial dealings, and have run a few ops with this other corp for mining and exploration.  We’ve both benefited from them, and get along well with the other people, with one exception (a new player still learning not to talk all caps).  The goal is to become a neutral arms-dealer outfit for the current locale.

"The gun is free, but the ammo will cost you..."
"The gun is free, but the ammo will cost you..."

Which will tie in nicely with my brothers new series of short stories for submission that will have a Casablanca flavor too them.

We are currently in the process of sorting through our junk.  BB-I will effectively get mothballed with my alt back in the CEO chair.  But we need to figure out whats going with us and what’s not, and who gets what.

Oh, and we also have to anchor our new POS.  Business is good….