Annoying Kids

So the merger continues to go fairly smoothly.  We’ve pretty much mothballed BB-I, and set up some alts to watch over it.  We plan to drop leave corp today and join the one we are merging with tomorrow.

Plans for our first POS are progressing.  All the components are bought, the trick now is just deciding which moon we want to make our own.  And when to set up to escort for that pesky hour of anchoring and onlining.

But one thing is not progressing.  One thing is regressing.  The other corp has a new member.  Who says he’s 17, but judging from conversations I would guess is more around the 12-13 age range.  Which should be fine.  I deal well with teenagers.  And annoying, loud-mouthed, ADD, types in all caps ones I can usually tame and get on track.  But this one…

This one knows how to push everyone’s buttons.  The whining, the kiddy speak, the bragging, the “pet me please, cuz I did something marginally good” mentality.  The assumptions that if we are online, we must be online to play with him.  We must be online to help him accomplish his goals.  Because whatever else we are doing in the game is inferior to what he is doing.

We’ve come close to assining his continue presence in the new corp as a dealbreaker on the merger.  I should have more patience and be more of a mentor I know.  I think maybe because EVE has so few people like that, it makes it that much harder to deal with them.  In WoW, it was a given – that person was going to be in the game, every night, and probably in your PUG, so you just did what you had to ta get by.  But here, you are not braced for it, and its hard to know just how to balance your reaction.

Especially when, since its EVE, there is a possibility that guy is an alt whose only purpose is to spy on and disrupt your operations.  If thats true, so far its working.

But, in an attempt to rally my patience, and in honor of this guy driving me nuts, I dug deep into my psyche.  And remembering this made me feel better.  Because now  I can give all of you a window into my world while reminding myself how I should *not* act (despite the title, it is quite SFW):


For those of you who don’t remember the cartoon: in a nutshell, it involves Chester repeatedly getting Spike into trouble by confusing the harmless Sylvester with the lethal, recently escaped from the zoo Black Panther.  Hilarity insues.