War’s End

It occurred to me, as I play through these two Betas – ok well one trial and one beta, that I hadn’t gotten around to telling you what happened to end our little war.

The day after that whole double cross went down, I logged back in, to do some mining and moneymaking so that I could restock my lost ships.  I was greeted with a host of corp mail that came as a bit of a shock.



The corp that had war dec’d us had withdrawn it – the war would actually be ending early.  On top of that, our corp leader had received mail from their corp leader:  they would be setting us to blue and had invited us to participate in pvp ops with their crew (we got invites into their fleet organizing channel a few days later as well).  With the mail came praise for our “coolness” and skills.  We had – impressed them.

In the days since then, though I have not been able to talk with the ones we battled that night to confirm this 100%, our understanding is that it was not a planned double cross.  It was more along the line of “OMG I’m going to lose my Faction-equipped Sleipnir to a bunch of noobs, come help quick!”  Yeah that Sleipnir out there, turns out it didn’t have anything on it that didn’t start with “Republic Fleet.”  They had clearly underestimated us, and it did not want to pay the price.  And…I can’t blame them really.  That Sleip had to have been worth over a billion ISK with the gear that was on it.  If that had been me, I would have been screaming for help too, deal or no deal!

In talking it was probably the best thing that could have happened.  Remember our corp goal?  Provide weapons and ships to low sec pirates – be a sort of black market arms dealer?  Well, with a little investment and a week of war, we have accomplished that with one of the bigger pirate corps in the area.  And as we do some pvp ops with them, that blue status will hopefully begin to spread.

To celebrate, we spent all day the day after the war closed mining and rebuilding.  My wallet is at pre-war levels, and the only thing I’ve lost in net is trading down from the Apoc to an Armageddon, and that was my choice, not because I couldn’t have had the Apoc.  Well, I still need to rig the Geddon as well, but still, a small price to pay.  The next step is to grab either an Assault Ship or an Interceptor and do some pvp ops.

The hesitation – and the downside of this?  We may find that its not a good thing to be the buddy of the biggest bully on the block…


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  1. Rhys

    I love this blog. I wish I had been following it all along instead of just spamming your notifications with archive responses… =P

    Great end and an optimistic new beginning!

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