Battleship…ur doin it wrong.

So…I’ve been loving this Armageddon thing.

I saved more than intended for my first battleship, the Apocalypse – less drones, but it did have the missle tube, which I thought was cool, and it was more of a sniper ship, that fit with my usual missioning buddies sniper Megathron.

But since we lost both my Apoc and that Mega in the war, we went back to the drawing board.  My buddy had already been working on a Level 4 Solo Dominix fit, and he just went ahead and used the insurence payout he got to finish it out.  Me, I ended up with the Geddon, for simplicity and cost sake.  But I do way more dps and tank way more dps than I did with the Apoc.  Think that might be an indication that I either a) didn’t have the skills or b) didn’t have the right fit?

Might be wrong, but he still does more dps than my Apoc did...


So the last week or so I’ve been pacing through Battlclinic, talking with other pilots, using EveHQ.  And spending some money this time – something I really didn’t do with the Apoc.  The end result has been satisfying.   We took it out on a level 4 a few nights ago – the Domi, my Geddon, along with a Raven.  A minute later my buddy said “man, those new turrets sound…evil.”   I zoomed in close – and they did.  They sounded like frickin lazor beams.  It was coooool.  Sorry, little boy and his toy moment there.   But also, I was destroying people.  800…1100…1400…the damage numbers floating across my screen were great.   After the mission they were eager to test me out, so we did a little shooting back and forth.  The Domi held up well, but that’s to be expected with dual repping going on.  I was ahead of his repair curve, but we could tell it would be a really drawn out thing.  The Raven was the most suprising.  I guess because Amarr does EM/Thermal, I was ripping the shields of the Raven very quickly.

The downside is that I can’t engage beyond 50km, and I really need to be within 20km to open up my best dps.  After some discussion, while the ship already had an official name, the corp has decided to call it the shotty, short from the sawed off shotgun description we agreed was pretty accurate for it.  If I can get Weapons Upgrades finished and Advanced Weapon Upgrades started though, it will open up a whole new world of pain with that boat as it would free up space for better armor and allow me to swap for a dps or optimal range rig.

FE trial should end either today or Monday, so expect a post/review on it Monday.  Alganon I confirmed I am under an NDA and the  game doesn’t launch until Dec. 1, so it will be a while before you see anything about it.

We're Doin' It Right.