I Can Haz Secret World?

I got a notice from FunCom that I have 2 weeks free of Conan (also heads up: a free week of LotRO starts tomorrow).  But that wasn’t the interesting part of the email:

Subscribe for 3 months and get guaranteed access to the closed beta test of The Secret World + the reward above*

Oh shame on your FunCom!  You tempt me to send you money for a best test…I’m wise to your ways.  But am I strong enough to resist?

2 thoughts on “I Can Haz Secret World?

  1. I think BlueKae or Ardua spotted that it’s access only to the final more public stages — it’s somewhere in the fine print. Not nearly as exciting as ZOMG ALPHA -1.0!!11oenone. Or I’d be slaughtering you lot to get to the front of the queue. 😉

    1. Yeah I saw the footnote at the bottom – and I’m fine with doing alpha-1 builds – I am meticulous in my bu reporting and testing. But I can see where that would not be fun for others. These days since final betas are as much a free trial as anything else, that would be where you would want people anyway. Either way, I want in and soon. (-:

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