Return of the King

Okay, well, I’m not a king, but I did get to return to gaming last night.  The issue was that I left my check card in the ATM a while back, and my EVE subscription just happened to come up after I had cancelled the card and was waiting for them to issue me a new one.   So no EVE.  And no Conan.  And no DAoC.

So I spent some time transferring games to my new laptop to open up space on the shared desktop for my wife.  Her photgraphy business has taken off and we were starting to have storage issues.  And so I spent a few days playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  I’d never gotten all that far into the game, and I enjoyed Two Worlds better (crazy I know) for the simple reason that I hate the leveling system that they use.  I decided that in playing it this time I would throw the guide out the window, pick the seven skills I wanted and go with it.  And you know what?  So far its been good.  I’m sure it will bog down at higher levels, but I’m having alot more fun.

For those not in the know, basically the more you use a skill, the higher it gets, and for every ten skill ups in our major seven, you gain a level.  You also get to pick attributes to raise, which raise somewhere between 1 and 5 depending on the number of related skill ups you got in any related skill (not just the majors) during that level.  The problem is that you quickly outlevel your ability to handle enemies, especially if you have a specialized character like a magic user or stealthy rogue type.  Even worse, some of the storyline quests box you into areas where you are at a disadvantage being either.   Still its a good game, and this time rather than stress myself out over counting strength related skill ups, I just decided to make judicious use of the difficulty slider bar! 

Morrowind was a little better I think – better setting, better storyline, more fun random events.  On the downside, it was way more exploitable.

Anyway, got my new card yesterday afternoon, so its time for a little Dominion of EVE and explorin’ in DAoC.  Yay!