Might and Magic Returns

So this is a little bit of a plug, but…if you were a fan of the Might and Magic series of games (not the heroes TBS, but the originals RPGs) then head over to GOG – Good Old Games.  They have released alll the games 1 through 6 bundled together for $10 as a digital download, configured and mated with Dosbox to play under XP and Vista.  I have to give them kudos for what they do – bringing these games back into our lives is a fantastic thing.  Check out the rest of the site too.  (I have hit one or two snafu’s in the gameplay process – ie, in 4 they forgot to pull out the old “look up a word in the manual” copyright protection), but their troubleshooting boards are on top of everything, so if your stuck take a look)

How exactly does one kill slime with a sword?

The games are truly some of the legens in CRPG gaming.  I’ve been playing Clouds of Xeen and find it just as immersive and awesome as Oblivion has been for me over the last week.   Van Canegham and crew were clearly world class designers.  Which makes me just that much more excited about the rumors surrounding his current project that will bring him out of a hiatus that has lasted way too long. 

Heroes of Telara, in case you haven’t been following, is hanging its hat on creating a dynamic game world.    I like that they have a focal point and are wrapping the game around offering something that so many of us have wanted.  If anyone can pull it off, the form New World Computing genius can.  All of the M&M games had dynamic worlds.  Decisions you made closed off some areas and opened others.  Even the most basic of choices, like male/female impacted the games as early as the first of the series back in the 1986.  In later games, players joined some factions only to alienate others, built castles for themselves, and were able to venture down good/evil divides in game play.   Shades of what we will find in Telara in the near future?  Who knows.

Until then, I’m busy clearing out the Dwarf Mines.  Seems the Mad Dwarf Clan has taken over down there, and there’s the promise of gold and experience for young adventurers chosen to save the world.  And its been far too long since a game has offered me something as brilliantly simple as that.