Decisions Decisions

Amarr Cruiser 5 will finish training in…oh, 30 minutes or so, and its decision time:

Long Range Targeting 5 (9d) – progresses Command Ships goal…

Med. Energy Turret 5 (14d) – lets me finally get into HAC/HIC vessels and upgrade my battlecruiser.

Weapon Upgrades 5 (9d) – a necessary utility skill for better fits

Hull Upgrades 5 (14d) – a necessary utility skill – especially for armor tank ships like my Amarr armada is.

Of course there are others, there always is, but those are probably the most central to what I’m doing right now.

In other decision news – I have to figure out by the end of day if I’m going to actually keep my DAoC sub beyond the free ten days.  I’m leaning to yes, but then, its the holidays, so – how much play time will I really get?  Especially with new things happening in EVE?  Either way, I have loved the game and enjoyed the play – even got my first PvP on some poor Midgard caster.  When I ran, he thought I was retreating, since I was two levels lower.  Little did he know about my buddy the bard, just around the corner…


4 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions

  1. iambeastx

    Hull upgrades 5 then weapon upgrades 5 then get advanced weapon upgrades to 3 (really really worth it) then med turret 5 – you’ll need advanced weapon upgrades to drop the powergrid usage of the t2 turrets.

  2. Awww, ya’ll are no fun! I had a feeling that was the case. It’s just been a long month waiting and I need something fun. I may take a two day break first to train Caldari frigate/cruiser finally so I can at least try out some new ships while I wait.

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