10 Reasons Fans Will Love STO

According to kotaku.com that is.

Or not.  They just give you those screen shots.  So go look at them, and then check out my own personal answer key for the screenshots below.  I’d love to see your answers too.

Its easy – just open the link above in a new tab, click pick number 1, look at the picture, and then swap tabs back here for The Reason.  Got it?  Good…spoilers after the break…

1.   Nerve wracking, asteroid packed catapult launches from all Federation Starbases.  Its a RUSH!

2.  Bottomless pits.

3.  Klingon Temple Prostitutes.

4.  Picard’s Hair – An Epic Quest Arc.

5.  The Definitive Guide to Klingon Campfire Songs.

6.  Finally, Magic in the Star Trek Universe!

7.  New and Improved Tribbles Come in Four Colors!

8.  All NEW Dance Emoticons.  Get your entire Bridge Crew doing the Electric Slide – they have to, you are their superior officer!

9.  Holodeck Adventures!

10.  Because he said so.