Merry Christmas!

Just a word about that by the way, given Ysh’s post on the subject:  My philosophy on wishing people things in the holiday season is – its no problem.  See, I don’t celebrate, say, Hannukah, but if you say to me, Happy Hannukah!  I understand that what you are doing is offering a blessing.

You are wishing on me the spirit of Hannukah, and I think that is wonderful – I’m happy to accept such a blessing and pleased that you would think to offer it for me, *especially* since I don’t celebrate it.  Its a way of passing that blessing onward and outward, and I like it.

And by the same token, I wish you a Merry Christmas.  In doing so, I mean no offense, and I don’t really know or care whether or not you celebrate it.  When I say it, what I’m really saying is – “May the spirit of the Christmas holiday – the spirit of generosity, of joy, of community, of peace – may that spirit rest on you.”   And I hope that this blessing is pleasing to you and helpful to you.

As for me, I’m happy, cozy with my presents and sitting now chatting with my family.  Gifts relevant to your interests:  My brother and I exchanged ETC for the holidays, which we thought was an excellent idea, but everyone else rolled their eyes at.  And I have to install Fallout 3: GOTY edition on my ‘puter tomorrow or tonight.  But mostly I’m excited about the impending arrival of STO and my preorder of it.

And I’m loving Champions Online, strangely enough.  I hadn’t heard anything good about it – but when Atari offered it up (first month included) for $15, I couldn’t resist.  Definitely an improvement on CoX in every way from what I’ve seen so far.

Which leads me to this closing thought…does this mean, pending moderate to full STO success – that Cryptic will be the new Sony?

Something to chew on.


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