Have Two for Twice the Price

So my brother and I were pondering the pre order bonuses, and the question came up…could we shell out some deposit money to get more than one of the exclusives – without paying the full price for the game.  This conversation, of course, took place via text as I stood staring down the last copy of the pre-order box at my local Target.  I didn’t really have any interest in the exclusive rifle, but for 99 cents…

"Only a buck? I'll take two of the rifle and one of the mustache."

Anyway, turns out that’s not the case, the FAQ, now that I read it, says that the exclusives are tied to the retail product, and not the preorder itself:

Q: Will I receive my retailer exclusives during the Head Start?

A: No. The exclusives are tied to the retail product, not to the preorder key. In other words, you’ll need to purchase the full version of the game and input that key.

Q: If I purchase the game in order to get the retailer exclusive, can I give the code to someone else?

A: No. You only receive the retailer exclusive once you redeem the retail code. Once you’ve done that, the code cannot be used again.

Blue italics mine, obviously. 

That’s still fine by me though, and actually eliminates my decision making disorder on the subject.  I have my head start stuff sealed up now that I have the code in, and if I want to go back to Target – great, I get $4 off (they give you a $5 off coupon in the preorder box, minus the buck you shelled out for it).  If I don’t like the game during the Beta – great, I only lost a buck and not fifty!  And if I want a different option – I have another month to decide.

On a side note – when I went through this process with Warhammer Online, back in the day (ok, actually a little over a year ag0), Target had WAR pre-order boxes coming out of their ears.  So…either Target reduced the number of packages they ordered/put together (not sure how that process works) or STO is going to be *alot* more crowded on opening day.