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I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile.  There are some great ship name generators out there, but most of them don’t fit the conventions that are generally used with naming real ships.  Plus, I don’t have awesome coding skills, so I can’t really make my own generator.  Hopefully you find the following useful whether you are about to embark into the world of Star Trek Online, or just want to have some creativity in how you name you EVE ships.

You see, even without coding skills, I can pull back the curtain for you – give you some lists that will evoke those names that will “feel” right to you.  In doing so I am deeply indebted to Wikipedia for its general awesomeness.  Remember, when proper names are used, Star Trek ships generally have only utilized the persons last name (USS Yeager, USS Kelvin), though sometimes a full name is used (USS Thomas Paine).  EVE ships of course, using the full name or not is up to you.

Federation Escorts / EVE PvP Ship Names

These ships will have names that reflect warrior cultures and ancient battles, given their damage dealing nature.  Try some of the following lists:

Some of these lists may appeal to the more traditional Trek fans:

List of Greek Mythological Figures

List of Greek Mythological Creatures

List of Roman Deities

Some of these lists might appeal to those looking for something in the same convention, but with some originality:

Women Warriors in Folklore

List of Celtic Deities

List of Egyptian Deities

Federation Cruisers / EVE Mission Running Ships

In Star Trek lore, these ships seem to be named after classic and historical vessels.

Hard core trekkies and purists might enjoy the following possibilities:

Ships of the United States Navy

Ships of the Royal Navy

List of slightly more original names for those looking for more depth.

Ships Named after Women

List of Explorers

Federation Science Vessesls / EVE Mining and Exploration Ships

These are often named after famous scientists, researchers, philosophers and discovers.

Some groups that fill well with known canon:

List of Nobel Prize Winners

List of Astronomers

If you want to step outside the box, given the history and origins of Star Trek, including its original cultural influences, try these:

List of Humanists

List of Political Theorists

List of Ethicists

Hopefully you find that helpful.  Be sure to bookmark this page and visit often.  I’ll keep digging, and feel free to suggest lists of your own.  I’ll add them here or create a second page.

Live Long and Prosper!

14 thoughts on “Naming Your Ship

    1. You have touched on my secret fear – that I will log in the first day of STO, ready to boldly go, and then I will encounted the USS HARDWOOD, in a pink hue, helmed by Captain Jenna Jameson, with XO Ron Jeremy at her side. I’m not sure how I will react in that moment, but it won’t be pretty. ::shudder::

      But to take a stab at your question (heh)…Klingon vessels?

      1. You’re going to go for a Duras sisters joke in there and find a Bat’leth positioned uncomfortably in your anatomy.

        But you know you’re going to see the USS Phagballz under the command of Captain Moparisbest on day one. Instancing will be our friend when it comes to immersion.

  1. I’d use Iain M Banks names if I were back in EVE. The “Where Did I Put The Jam?” or “Superstring Theory” just tickles me far more than “SSS Endeavour” or whatever.

  2. You need to post this in the STO forums. Like now. Like right the hell now.

    I’m in the STO beta, and I kid you not, I’ve seen ships with names like USS UR MOM and USS Bongwater. *headdesk*

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  6. USS Twilight NCC 74413 Nova Class refit *(attached to Starfleet Intelligence)
    8 Decks, 15 science labs, 18 Sensor Suite Platforms
    10 Auxiliary Craft : Hippocrates Waverider shuttle, 1 Class-8 Shuttlecraft, 2 Class-9 Shuttlecraft, 2 Workbees
    1 Phase Cloak, 1 External Holographic Projector, 1 Sensor Jammer, 4 Valkyrie Starfighters;
    10 Photon Torpedoes, 20 Quantum Torpedoes, 15 Sensor Probes

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