That Ship Got Named

So Star Trek Online’s “Name That Ship” contest is over, and the final reaction is…total uproar over the incredibly lame names chosen. 

One of the head scratchers is naming the new science ship after the ship from StarGate: Universe – which I would think would have some legal reprecussions.  But the biggest disappointment for people has been the new name for the Escort – as a war ship type, it was expected that it would have a suitably awesome name with which to stride into combat with the evil Klingons.

Instead, we named it after a sect of ascetic monks, or a class of fantasy DnD-esque light warriors.

Neither inspires much confidence.  Many people have been posting their suggestions on the board.   So in return, here’s my three favorite that I think were better than Dervish was.  First, so you can see why I think these names fit (I hope) – here’s the concept art for said warship:


I’d give credit on this but whoever posted it did so on a thread that got closed – Cryptic has come down hard on anyone whining about the names on the forums.  I’d complain, but then, I endorse that sort of behavior.  (-:


by FireAndIce.  He’s a cool guy that I’ve chatted back and forth with a bit over on the forums.  I really like his name, wish it had been one to win.


by…yours truly.  I told my wife this afternoon, as I waited for the contest to finish, that having seen everyone else’s names, I would still submit mine again in a heartbeat.  Even liking these other two, I still love mine.  Guess I’ll have to save it for one of my old warbirds when I start playing.

4 thoughts on “That Ship Got Named

  1. Agreed with all of the above. I was singularly uninspired with my names, and was kinda hoping my brother’s cruiser name, especially, would get picked – he called it the “Rachel Garrett”-class after the captain of the Enterprise-C. I would have loved the delicious, delicious irony flying a ship named after a woman who helped secure peace against the Klingons for decades while blowing up said Klingons. ;-D

    1. Oh, now that is *tasty*! See this is really the problem – the more names I hear that people submitted, the more I go – wow, that’s really cool, why didn’t that win. The more suggestions I hear, the less Dervish seems to stand out from the crowd. Oh well, opportunity lost.

  2. “One of the head scratchers is naming the new science ship after the ship from StarGate: Universe – which I would think would have some legal reprecussions.”
    I doubt that because there was a ship named Destiny in Deep Space 9. So SGU stole it first…
    And Dervish, well … ugly name for a ugly ship.

    1. Neither Memory Alpha nor Ex Astris Scientia list a ship named Destiny for the Star Trek universe. EAS does mention a reference to what may be a ship but is probably a lab. There is a DS9 episode named Destiny. But no ship.

      As for the Dervish…completely agree. That is one ugly bugger.

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