STO Begins and Odds and Ends

STO Open Beta is set to begin in…a little over four hours.  I wish they would do it at night so more of us could play, but…I can appreciate the desire to kick the tires and light the fires when you have access to your entire workforce and with time to spare before prime game time hits to iron out kinks.

I will try to keep a good Beta diary and give you daily updates.  But understand that they will be brief.  My wife had surgery yesterday, and while her mom is here to help me out, we still have three kids (including our youngest at 15 mos.) and I still have a (more than) full time job.  So I won’t be doing any extensive play sessions or posts.  Mostly I’ll just give you a daily summary of what I’ve experienced, in my time-tested The Good, The Bad, and The Ugle approach.

For those logging into STO today though – good luck, and have fun!