Day 2 of Star Trek Online

Captain's Log...we can't seem to get the d*** holodeck working. It's going to be a boring night.


Awww, come on now…I wouldn’t leave you completely empty handed now would I?

Meet my sweet lady:

USS Pendulum


In the starship customization screen, getting decked out:

Install those new canon's Ms. Tirisi, I want the Klingon dogs quaking in their boots...

 And finally, a picture of the dreaded “Final Frontier” Bug…

I boldly went and it didn't go so well.

3 thoughts on “Day 2 of Star Trek Online

  1. Adventurer Historian

    Wait till you get the “Where No Man Has Gone” variant of your bug – four Miranda classes hanging out on the inside of a Klingon base. It was like we were crazy Roombas or something.

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