A Word of Thanks

I just wanted to drop you all a short note to say thank you.  This site has really taken off in the last couple of weeks, with, as best I can tell from the stat machines, a doubling in the number of page views per day, and a 40% bump in RSS subscribers.

The neat thing for me is that while the launch of STO has certainly helped those numbers, they were climbing even before I got interested and joined up into the Open Beta.  That means it can’t *all* be the internet hype machine!  (-:

So, thank you for your time and your visits!  And a special thank you to my favorite blogs, many of whom have helped with that readership.  Check them out over on that sidebar just to the right, they are good people one and all.

My goal was never to be the biggest and the best, but to invite conversation, and the number of you that have been commenting and discussing here has risen as well, and that is what I enjoy the most.  So hit that “add comment” button frequently, and put in your two cents.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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