Cross Game Chat!

Wow…maybe everyone knows this already, and I’m the last one on the wagon…but did you know about this:

When I logged into play some Champions today, I got a message:

Your friend “xxxxx” has logged in.

That’s a pretty normal message except that my friend is one I met playing Star Trek Online…not Champions Online.

So I sent him a PM and we talked about it awhile.  He said he was wondering since my name popped up with Wraithblade instead of Teylaria – not a terribly Trek appropriate name.  We ruminated a bit on the pluses and minuses of the concept.


Ability to chat with friends even if they are playing something different.


No sneaking off to play some other game.

Okay, so, not world shattering revelations.  But it was the best we could come up with in the few minutes before lunch.  Maybe you have some further ruminations, but overall it seemed like a pretty awesome concept.  It also further reinforces what I suggested awhile back – that Cryptic is angling to create something similar to what Sony has in place with their Station Pass. (Note also: Cryptic’s website has pictures of games in development – and they appear to be three or four different different settings there, including modern and fantasy both – and maybe some Cthulhu too).

Interesting times we live in…