Three nights in a row now Star Trek Online’s Open Beta has been down for maintence that lasts between two and four hours.

Open Beta involves no guarentees in terms of play time. But if you can’t keep your game open during peak gaming hours for days on end, you have a problem.

You may not be a doctor Cryptic, but you better fix it, fast.

3 thoughts on “Unacceptable

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  2. Adventurer Historian

    I’m in the camp that they are fixing the bugs, that’s why the game is down.

    To each their own. But I think we both agree on one thing: hope it’s not like this come launch.

    1. The game certainly looks prettier now than it did last week. But why are the downtimes always hitting during peak gaming hours? And if its just updates, why do they always call it “emergency maintenance?”

      One last look today before head start right?

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