Naming Your Ship 2

Sequal to the wildly popular Naming Your Ship.

For the Engineering Techies among you:

List of Mechanical Engineers

List of Aerospace Engineers

List of Engineers

For the Science Nerds among you:

List of Inventors

List of Capital Cities

List of Traditional Star Names

List of Hindu Star Names (Nakshatra)

For the Tactical Genuises among you:

List of Ancient Weapons

List of Medieval Weapons

List of Martial Arts Weapons

List of Military Aircraft

List of Military Commanders

List of Battles

5 thoughts on “Naming Your Ship 2

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  2. Came upon this late in he game, so to speak. My two ship naming themes are “Wanderer” names and “Native American Chiefs” names.

    I did name one of my Klingon ships BortaS meaning “Revenge” thinking I was clever with a double reference to Khan’s Klingon proverb, and The Princess Bride (my captain is an Orion pirate). Unfortunately, as I a discovered, the Star Trek producers beat me to it. Gowton’s flagship was the BortaS.

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