So I’m reading this, about the legendary fails in the MMO universe, and smugly noting to myself that Vanguard, as much as we complain about it, isn’t on there, when I click one of the side links regarding the failure of Star Wars Galaxies – a fail to pwn all fails, for those who are blind and clueless about what happened there.

And I see these following statement in the link:

Ms. LaBeff, for instance, said that she had canceled all three of her Galaxies accounts and had joined a new guild in World of Warcraft, another game, with her old Star Wars friends.

And I think, yeah there were some pretty hardcore SW:G people back in the day, like these EVE nuts with their three acounts. [Or not, see comments below]  But then I start the next paragraph, emphasis mine:

“Someone might wonder, well, it’s just a game, what’s the big deal?” said Robert Kruck, 54, an engineer for Motorola who lives in Schaumburg, Ill., who said he had canceled seven of his eight Galaxies accounts.

Holy Ever Lasting Gob Stopper.  Are you kidding me?  That’s $200 a month.  For a game…a GAME…A game.

But wait, there’s more:

“We just feel violated,” said Carolyn R. Hocke, 46, a marketing Web technician for Ministry Medical Group and St. Michael’s Hospital in Stevens Point, Wis. Ms. Hocke said she once had as many as 10 separate Galaxies accounts but has canceled all but one in the last two weeks.

Trust me Carolyn, I feel violated and dirty to boot.  Please tell me none of you are spending that much on an MMO?  Right?  I don’t know what else to say.  Honestly.  WOW.

But then having seen those numbers, I had to laugh at this:

Ms. MacIntyre said Galaxies had lost “significantly more” than the 3 to 5 percent of players who typically leave any online game every month. She said she expected the game to return to its previous subscriber levels in six months…

And we all know it didn’t.  And now we know why – not because the NGE was legendary fail, but because if you piss off the wrong three subscribers, you will lose twenty one accounts.  And trust me, no matter how awesome your advertising campaign is, you aren’t going to boost your numbers by 600% in six months.

If any of you out there has more than three accounts, please post a comment here so I can soundly brow beat you for your insanity.  kthxbye.


9 thoughts on “Stunning

  1. Diametrix

    Dear Mr Narrow-Minded;

    How much is Your monthly budget for fun? Are you a ’20 something’ who goes out every Friday and Sat nite to a club w/ friends? I was once…I paid more than $25 per night out, let me tell you.

    How much would you pay for a very nice dinner for 2? $50? $100? How often do you do pay that much for 1-2hours of ‘fun’?

    Stop applying your narrow perspective of value to everyone else.

    1. Dear Diametrix,

      I’m a 30 year old married father of three, and the problem is the opposite – I have a broad perspective of value – I know how much $200, $300 a month can be, can add up to.

      I also note, with a touch of smugness, that you haven’t divulged how many accounts you have. Does that mean you can dish it out, but not take it? (-:

  2. Ghanur

    Back in the days, I had 3 Accounts in Everquest, now I’m down to 1 in EVE 😉

    Not going to the cinema (crap movies, crap service) will save enough to play on more accounts – it’s the budget for leisure, you probably spent your money some other ways.

    1. The issue here isn’t money – I make enough money to run several accounts myself. This isn’t a case of me wanting what those people have/had. And you can spend whatever percentage of your leisure budget on games you want. It’s a question of how you play the game.

      1. Tesh

        As in, even assuming 20 hours every week (apparently the average for an MMO player, but still *insane* in my book), with 8 accounts, that’s still just over 2 hours per account per week. That’s doable, but if you’re trying to progress all of those accounts through a soul-sucking level grind, well… that’s probably more than 20 hours per week.

        At some point, spending that much money and that much time on a GAME just isn’t healthy.

  3. In my prime I was up to 6 EVE accounts…though…I didn’t pay for any of them with real life cash…

    Though, for people that can afford it…I see no problem spending $200 a month on gaming…if that’s your hobby, or your past time…and you can afford it…

    1. EVE is a little different in that you can advance your accounts without actively playing them. That was not the case with Star Wars Galaxies. Again, its not the money, it how the game is played that makes me shake my head.

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