I Won!

So I had just finished giving the kiddos a bath and were letting them have some extra playtime before bed (school is cancelled again here), when my phone buzzed with email (something I thought I would hate, but that has made my life incredibly easier).  I hit a few buttons, and  found that in my personal account was an email entitled ” Dell Taco STO Code.”  For a brief moment I wondered who knew I had wanted one, until the name on the email clicked.

See, in case you like STO and have been living under a rock this week, you know that The Ancient Gaming Noob was having a caption contest to give away some Del Taco shuttle codes.  I struggled with both the pictures.  And quite frankly I drew a blank on the second…I don’t even remember what I put down for it.  But I thought the first was good.

And  then, despair.  None of us were funny enough.  And said caption contest exited my brain from that point.  So I was super excited to see the email and know that I too would possess my very own Type-8 Shuttlecraft!

Yay verily, I agree that the captions weren’t laugh out loud funny, even mine, which was maybe worthy of a little chuckle, but not a full bellyache.  Still, I’ll take what I can get.  I don’t win a whole lot of contests myself, except back in the days of science fairs, and then I kinda cheated by finagling a way to have it put in the computer category, which back then only had about three people in it anyway (yeah, I got third).

So, Yay Me!

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