I Died…

Yeah, its like the opposite of winning.  I’ve mentioned before my favorite free, browser-based game, The Reincarnation  (aka Archmage).  And how much regard I hold for the guild I am in there, The White Raven, the best run in any online game I’ve encountered.

Well in The Reincarnation (TR), the server resets every couple of months and people being the process of building their kingdoms again.  The  top ten at the end of each set is recorded at the time of the reset.  I play, aptly enough, on the guild server, which is set against the backdrop of guild wars and conflicts (as opposed to say, the solo server, with no guilds and a style encouraging a “you vs. the world” mentality). 

While guilds always provide a defensive protection against over-targeting from other players (attacking any one mage more than once in 24 hours is considered a faux pas), part of the fun is the offensive nature of guilds as well.  We regularly challenge other guilds to rise not just individually, but in the guild rankings as well.

The last two sets, our guild has issued severe beat downs.  Two sets ago we challenged a guild three spots higher than us in the rankings and soundly beat them.  Last set, we suffered through an internal coup that led to us joining a allience guild war that encompassed probably half the server.  We took down the betrayer and more than one of his sidekicks as icing on the cake.

So in some ways, we were due for a defeat.  A new guild arrived made up of some veteran players.  Rather than war with a guild higher than them in the rankings, the picked on one lower in the rankings – us.  Rather than issue a challenge though, they just started laying into us, and then war dec’d us.  All the more frustrating internally as we were trying to train a few new players that we had picked up to replaces the previous sets betrayal.   And by new players, I mean “had not played before.”  The game does give you an apprentice phase to get on your feet, but they timed their ambush to hit us right as those new players exited that phase.  They were the first to die, unfortunately.

Verdancy - for healer types and elf lovers.

Next a few of our veterans went.  I almost went down in the first two days.  I missed logging in for a day, and it happened to be the day it started.  I came in to chaos.  Fortunately, I was playing a Verdant (Green) Mage this set, good for its defensive abilities, so I managed to escape their offensive spells and sieges.  And then again a few days later.  And again.  The war has been going on three weeks now and I had ducked everything they threw at me.  Green mages are usually the first do get hit because we have access to spells that “heal” – dispel enemy enchantments and the like.

Finally, after recruiting some veteran independent players, they managed to lock me down with every offensive enchantment in the game, and drain me of all my mana.  But I got out with a little help from the Gods – a donation to one of them got me, of all things, a complete dispel.  But not before most of my land, troops, and money was gone.   I managed to get my fortresses back up (your “hit points” in the game) and even my mana to cast whatever dispels I would need…but I ran out of turns before I could build up any magic barriers.   Somewhere between 2am and 5am, they managed to relock every spell on me.  And hour later, I was seiged to death.

Its the first time I’ve ever died in the game – and I’ve played probably, 15-20 sets over the years, so that was disappointing.  But I take some comfort in knowing that it took some underhanded deeds by a more powerful guild to bring us down.  Not that we are completely gone yet.  We’re waiting to hear back from another guild, if they might be willing to aid us in the conflict.  And we still have 12 mages up and running, though we will lose another 3-4 in the next day if the other guild doesn’t step in. 

Intense times.  I think I may go back to playing a more offensive color though.  While I was good at dodging and helping our people stay alive, it was frustrating not being able to effectively take it to them on the other end of things.  If you want to give the game a try, let me know.  We could use more people, and hopefully, since their ambush of us has not been favorably received socially by the other guilds, you won’t die as quickly as this most recent batch of recruits did.  And yes, that is a challenge to you.

If you see this instead of your status screen, its all over...

5 thoughts on “I Died…

  1. IT LIVES!

    Awesome.. I played Archmage way back for many seasons, then it had some downtime and I lost it to the nether 🙂

    Cant wait to get back in, see what is new and summon up my old undead army again!

    1. The people who run the game now have done a fantastic job making it even better, IMHO. And for those who didn’t like their take on the game, they have kept open an “ArchServer” with the original ruleset as part of it. Best of both worlds – too bad MMO’s can’t do that sort of thing eh? (-:

      If you decide to play on the Guild Server, put in an app with the White Raven and tell them I sent you, I usually play under the name Nimrod there.

    1. Sounds good Cyberin, I think the game would appeal to you. The server resets in two weeks, so you’ll have a couple of weeks to get a feel for it before we start in again full bore.

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