Too Many Null Sec Pilots?

A pilot I’ve known for awhile now just joined our corp, back from null sec.  I had assumed on first seeing him that his corp had been mauled in the war, as they were probably on the wrong side of things out that way.  Turns out this was not so much the case, though it has been a bit hairy.  No, he was fired.  Booted.

You sir, are fired,'re just fired. Get out of here.

But not for spying.  Or for being a bad pilot and costing them ships in fleet encounters.  Because he lost ships to NPC’s.  He was trying solo a particularly difficult mission, and lost a couple of ships.  And this in some way hurt their killboard stats (I thought that was only for PvP kills?) and so they fired him.  And they gave him 24 hours “safe passage” to clear his out his hanger and get back to empire space.  Unfortunately, he was not on when they decided this, or in the next 24 hours.  He logged in, and managed, with a little luck managed to get his own hide clear with some of his stuff.  But all of his ships and the bulk of his gear are still there.  And the corp won’t let him back in to get it out.

Even worse, he came out because our buddy, one of their chief officers, has been unable to intercede on his behalf, even for temporary safe passage.  I suppose our buddy could always try to carry some out for him, but wouldn’t this hurt the corp more, to lose time from one of their key players while he played cargo pilot?

I guess I just figured that null sec corps didn’t have an overabundance of decent pilots, to the point where they could fire people without warning or additional training, to the point where the bad publicity from such a firing could have impact on future recruiting.  Guess I’ll have to revise that estimate eh?

4 thoughts on “Too Many Null Sec Pilots?

  1. That is rather retarded, and this coming from someone who resides in Nullsec. I’d be curious to know who his corp/alliance was. If he’s a part of the southern coalition, I might be able to help. Just send me an evemail or have him send me one.

  2. Thanks both of you for the comments.

    To Yargok: I think so too. He can catch his breath in empire and decide on a new course of action. I just hate that all those goodies are gone. The idea of starting over…its just tough, but then, I’m a pack rat so…

    To Selina: Thanks, but his alliance was not part of the southern coalition. Looks like the friend on the inside is going to have to do a little ferrying, or at least a firesale of his stuff.

  3. I’m only in a renter alliance, but i guess i can kind of see why this was an issue and why its just stupid… Its an issue because having pilots in your corp/alliance that looses “shipS” is not a good sign, most pilots especially ones that have made the leap to PVP and nullsec, should be able to fit a BS to run level 4’s flawlessly and if they do loose one they shud NEVER loose another because they wud have realized their mistake and fixed it.

    Its idiotic, because a corp is at the basis is supposed to be made up of friends having fun, now if the alliance made him quit the corp thats 1 thing, but the corp making him quit is idiotic. If my corp members lost 10 megathrons on 1 missions, i think me and the other members wud just have to die of laughter, and then go help him finish the mission and in turn poke even more fun at him 🙂

    But it would be in all good fun and we’d get it done and move on….

    The bad thing for KB whores is a kill against a rat looks incompitent on a KB, a kill against a pvp pilot even in an epicly stupid kill is atleast against a real person.

    But honestly for his corp to kick him is idiotic, and just shows he needs to find a better corp with people that enjoy PLAYING eve.

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