In Limbo

First off, before anything else, Crazy Kinus hass promised to evolve the Blog Pack.  Give him a hand, would ya?  I don’t want to see a repeat of last time.

Now then, on to business at hand.

I logged in last night with a shopping list a mile long.  I had pulled two fantastic fits off of Battleclinic, one for each of my new Recons.  The Pilgrim would be my high risk/high reward all-in-one lo sec ship.  I would use it to probe down roids, wormholes, and complexes for my corp, and use it to tackle the higher level Amarr missions in our current pocket of space once I finished blitzing the hi sec level 1’s next door.  The Curse would get me through the high sec missions and provide ewar support for our occasional lo sec PVP roam.  Mostly though, and I admit this freely, the Curse is my eye candy, hang on my arm mistress.  I have no idea what I will really do with it other than fly around and look awesome and make others jealous.

Which…is probably worth every penny.  I’ve been in EVE almost a year now, and its exciting to think how far I’ve come from a year ago.  Even if I’ve had to learn some of those lessons the hard way.

The problem is in the way EVE handles Covert Ops cloaks.  Because you ship skill determines its CPU usage, and because that bonus is tied to Recon ships instead of the base Cruiser skill, you really need to have Recon trained to 4 (or, God help you, 5) to manage a decent fit.  So even though I can use T2 dronesand Medium Lazors, have maxed Hull Upgrades and Energy whatevers,  I still can’t use my shiny new ships in the way that I want too.  That is frustrating.  I’m lobbying from here forward for a change to the way Cov Ops cloaks work – much like  the change to Strip Miners to go from a % CPU reduction to a simple Y/N Can Use flag.  Barring that, I would settle for Cov Ops fitting being tied to Cloaking rather than any one particular ship skill.

Until then, I’m in limbo.  So I’ll go back to blitzing level 1’s in my little Punisher.  And it looks like I may have to hang up my hot and heavy approach to skilling up for Command Ships – my corp needs a new Orca pilot, and I think I just volunteered…