Outfitting a Pilgrim

I mentioned in my previous post my frustration on trying to get the Pilgrim to do what I wanted it to do.  The “All-In-One-Solo-Lo-Sec” fit I pulled from Battleclinic captured my attention and desire almost immediately, but I quickly discovered that I would need to go to Recon Ships IV to fit it as described.  Taking a 1 day detour from Command Ships is not bad, especially with the Pilgrim and Curse as a reward for that detour.  However, a 5 additional day detour to pick up Recon IV is not something I wanted to do now, when I am *soooo* close to Command Ships (only a little over a month left to go).

So I needed a workaround.  The basic problem is, of course, CPU.  I’m pretty much maxed on upgrades there, so I went the obvious route of adding a Co-Processor.  This necessitated a changing of the armor tanking, which had called for active hardeners, a repper, and a 1600mm plate.  This is where I got stuck for awhile.  I tried any number of combinations.  Removing the plate made the ship far to vulnerable for my tastes, removing the repper or downsizing it to a small left my DPS soak very low – too low for lo sec combat.  I went to passive tank instead of hardeners and that helped, but I was limited to only one slot at that point.  It was then that I remembered that, duh, I had finished Hull Upgrades V.   I trotted out an Energized Active Nano Membrane II, and the problem resolved itself.  Well, partially anyway.

I did still swap one item on the mids around.  Because I wasn’t running hardeners, the cap was now stable with only one recharger.  I debated removing the tractor beam as well to make room for a 10nm Afterburner, but I decided to leave it for now and intead run with a Sensor Booster II.  So here’s the final listing:

[Pilgrim, Low Sec Recon]

Small Tractor Beam I
Core Probe Launcher I (Core Scanner Probe I)
Salvager I
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

Codebreaker I
Analyzer I
Cap Recharger II
Omnidirectional Tracking Link I
Sensor Booster II (Scan Resolution)

Damage Control II
Medium Armor Repairer II
Co-Processor II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

2x Medium Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I

5x Hammerhead II
5x Hobgoblin II
5x Mining Drone I
5x Light Shield Maintenance Bot I
5x Hornet EC-300

I’m not sure about the drone loadout, but my reasoning was that the ECM drones could be a good escape plan should something bigger and meaner than me lock me down, so that I could warp out.  The shield bots are there to help cut the down time between running complexes.  I could drop them and go to larger ECM drones though.  Mining drones are really only there in case I can’t pass up a load of some rare roid.

I’m also not sure I need the tractor beam, but it was in the original suggested loadout.  Same with the tracking link and the sensor booster.  I still think an AB could be helpful in there somewhere.  But all in all, I was pretty happy that I found a way to save myself the training time.



8 thoughts on “Outfitting a Pilgrim

  1. I was under the impression the Sheild Maintenance Drones could not be targeted at the carrying ship (hence not training them on my missioning alt) If you can correct me I’ll be most grateful.

    1. Hey, its a pleasure to have you visit! Yours is one of the first EVE Blogs I stumbled across when I first started playing last year.

      RE: Shield Maintenance Drones – I honestly don’t know! I have not used them before myself, so that could very well be the case. Perhaps someone else can enlighten us, or barring that, I’ll do some experimenting tonight when I’m on.

  2. manasi

    Hey bro let me offer some advice.

    1) shield maintenance bots cannot be used on yourself
    2) Why the salvager/tractor beam?
    3) Pilgram is a great ship and highly effective against other ships ( especially fast tacklers) if your drones get wiped out your dead and have no way to retaliate
    4) Light ECM are a good escape ticket(provided they work) but you want something fast to hit tacklers ( warrior II’s ) come to mind
    5) Medium Neutralizer’s will offer you a way to break people’s tank
    6) Don’t mine with this ship mate…just an opinion but use the ships bonus’s to your advantage
    7) Tracking link isn’t a bad idea in a drone boat
    8) If you going to be probing ( which is what it looks like ) get the expanded launcher + combat probes
    9) Sensor booster? Why if your ship isn’t really fitted for any pvp would you fit that?

    I set my pilgrim up the following:

    [Pilgrim, pilgrum]

    2x Medium Unstable Power Fluctuator I
    Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
    Drone Link Augmentor I

    J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
    Tracking Disruptor II
    X5 Prototype I Engine Enervator
    10MN Afterburner II
    Medium Capacitor Booster II (Cap Booster 400)

    Co-Processor II
    800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
    Medium Armor Repairer II
    Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
    Damage Control II

    Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
    Medium Auxiliary Thrusters I

    5x Warrior II
    5x Hornet EC-300
    5x Hammerhead II
    5x Valkyrie II

    Granted this is a PvP fit, albeit a mean one…but I am working with the bonus’s here

    for you …Drop the web and the point
    fit a code breaker an Analyzer instead

    1. Awesome! Thank you Manasi for the input. Yeah my boat will primarily be PVE, scouting sites for our miners and earning me some cash until I can unlock something higher level missions in our current area of operations. This why I added the salvager/tractor – some sites will need the salvager at least (still think the tractor is probably a waste though). Sensor Booster is just a convenience option, and the mining drones were to sneak a load of high end ore before my greedy mining corpmates get there. (-; I can’t fit an expanded launcher unfortunately, doubt it would fit even if I had Recon V to open up even more CPU.

      I swapped out the drones as you suggested (good thoughts) but I’m not sure about the rest. I managed to find a way to fit a neut, but it costs me a) drone bonuses, b) cuts my scan bonus in half), and c) leaves me cap unstable.

  3. manasi

    Well crap the downsides do not equal the upsides…so I hate to say it but maybe a different ship? The cap unstable part is the issue. a Cap unstable neutralizing ship will not do you any good at all, is the Amarr recon the only one you can fly? maybe an Arazu or a rapier might do the trick. 😦 sorry mate…best of luck anyways.

  4. salient

    Enjoy the blog –

    As far as the Pilgrim goes, like all the recon ships in Eve, they completely come into their own when you train recons ships to V. It is entirely worth it, and solves your CPU issue. Max out your recon/Pilgrim skills and you will be very happy.

    Unless you plan on running gang ops regularly, I think Command ships are pretty much a waste unless you just have an alt trained up in your fleet, sitting out in space somewhere giving the bonuses to the rest.

    Sure, they can tank well, but they are really valuable when fitted with the gang bonus mods and with all the leadership/siege warfare skills trained.

    1. Salient,

      I agree. I could easily stop here, train Recon to V and complete all of my major objectives with a Pilgrim and/or Curse. All the objectives except flying a Damnation, which is probably my favorite ship in the game. (-:

  5. Saji'us

    Hey man, this fit sounds very similair to the fit I posted on battle clinic for an all in one low sec exploration boat. Was wondering if it was my fit you were talking about? It was posted by my main: Saji’us who was at the time under the account name of Nioxus.

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