Free Game Time

As usual, I like to update you when there is free game time on the horizon.

In this case though, I’m a tad bit late!  City of Heroes/City of Villains/Soon to be: City of Rogues is having their annual Reactivation and Double XP weekend.  Check the fine print though:

  • Double XP and Re-activation Weekend Start: Thursday, March 4th at 8:59am Pacific Time (11:59am Eastern Time)
  • Double XP and Re-activation Weekend End: Sunday, March 7th at 11:59pm Pacific (2:59am Eastern Time)
  • Yep, it actually started *yesterday at noon*!  Guess thats a reward for those who actually read the announcement (that wasn’t me by the way).  Another thing to take time away from my EVE Amarr Faction grind eh?

    Bonus Thought:  Since they are apparently sticklers for reading carefully, one wonderst if they realize that for Easter time plaers, “Sunday…2:59am” is actually what most of us would thing of as late Saturday night.

    Bonus Bonus Thought:  Favorite CoX Power Set Combo:  Plant Control/Icy Assault/Natural = Control/Heal + Melee DPS.  Sweeeet.