Five Features EVE Still Needs

Just my personal wishlist.

1.  Locate by Distance

When I decided I needed to get serious about upping my standing with the Amarr faction,  I needed to find not only an NPC corporation to work for, but also an agent that I could start with given my low standings.  Of course the Agent Finder is a life saver in this.  But, it has a  fatal flaw in that it searches by region and system.  It just so happens that my new haunt is literally on the edge of not one, but two different regions.  In order to find the closest agent, I had to use the IGB for the Agent Finder, and then use the in game map, or a third party map, to determine the borders of my region.  Then I search mine and the two adjacent regions.  Then I had to manually go through and count jumps, or go to another site and plan a route for each of them.  It was a headache that could be alleviated by allowing you to search for agents and corp stations by distance, within the game itself.  Isn’t there some way to wire the autopilot settings from the in game map to display how distant a given agent is, or even to list the agents by distance from current location?

2.  Boarding Combat

I’m still amazed that we have such a deep and detailed space combat game, with carriers and now supercarriers, but we still have no way to launch boarding parties/marines/assault troops at enemy ships.  This is of course impractical when it comes to small size ships, and perhaps even mediums, but large and extra large varieties should do.  Particularly since such a large percentage of EVE players enjoy piracy.  Its lunacy for pirates to want to just destroy cargo vessels carrying valuable cargo.  Blackbeard didn’t sink ships and then take whatever crates of cargo happened to still be floating in the wreckage afterwards – he wanted everything in that ship, and sometimes even the ship – for himself.  Especially since NPC ships are generally considered non-capsuleer ships, it should  be easy to have a skeleton crew warp the ship to the nearest station for you to collect it later, sell it, etc.

3.  Personalized Markings

Maybe not reskinning the whole ship, for client performance and for general recognition issues, but…STO has shown us that it is possible to put stripes, decals, and such on your ship without changing the entire visual landscape.  Even just a corp logo or some pinstriping would be welcome at this point, yaknow?

4.  More Ships

I’ve seen the lists in the EVE HQ Item Browser CCP…you’re holding out on us!

5.  Make the Quad Beam Laser the Quad Pulse Laser

Including this thing in the same category as other long range weapons, when it clearly is not one, is ridiculous.  Enough said.


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