Brief Friday Update

Sorry ladies and gents, I still have one week of insanity left to go at work.  Here’s a few random thoughts to let you know I’m still alive and blogging (mentally)!

The Secret World – Release the third video already okay?  The gameplay trailer was incredibly “meh.”  What I saw could’ve been Champions Online with some new mobs for all I could tell.   On the bright side, we know FunCom is up to shaking up some industry standards (variable attacks in AoC) so I’m curious to see how this skill thing parses out.  Could be fairly awesome.

Spectromancer – I was huge into Magic: The Gathering when it was first out right up until they begin the real “block” structure of releases, and following close on the heels of that, the move away from the “player as planeswalker” concept.  The former diminished my interest, the latter completely killed the game for me.  I happened to catch the advert for Spectromancer through my DriveThru RPG newsletter, saw it was from the original branchild Richard Garfield, downloaded the trial version and am loving it.  It keeps all the things I loved about vintage magic, and relegates to the dustbin the thinks I don’t like.  Thankfully, it also saved me, because I was on the verge of buying some Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and I’m not sure I could have looked at myself in the mirror after that.

Mount & Blade – This was worth every penny.  Once I’ve played all its ins and outs I’ll probably get the standalone expansion/sequal that released this month.  I like the flexibility.  There truly is no one way to play.  I’ve got characters that have a party of a half dozen elite troops, and partys with a 50 troop mini-army.  But the game really shines in the seige attacks and defenses.  They put a nice tactical challenge into the game and are lots of fun.  I currently favor a two-handed sword/throwing axes/bow/arrows setup, but I appreciate the strength of other choices as well (mounted with spear or lance in particular).

Organization – Along with an extremely busy work schedule, we’ve been working ourselves to the nub to get the house ready for its annual influx of family.  We have generally around 15-17 visitors over Easter weekend, from both our families.  Our house is nice, but its not huge.  We have people sleeping on couches and in the office, sharing bathrooms, and the playroom becomes a nursery for four toddlers (triplets and a single), all currently age 3.  One of the fun parts of that cleaning/organizing though has been going through my computer game collection.  I bought a 300-disc case and have been clearing jewel cases from literally all parts of the house.  When things slow down a bit, theres a bunch of old favorites to load up.  I may have to do a “Classic Game of the Week” column!

Star Trek Online – Sorry, I haven’t played Trek at all in the last month.  My two real life friends that were supposed to be playing the game with me both dropped out without ever getting a subscription – without telling me.  I was playing with the CoW’s when I could, but they have long since outleveled me.  When things slow down a bit I’ll make a push to get my Akira, but I’ve pretty much consigned myself to owning a huge mistake here in buying the year up front.

Eve Online – I think I may be winding down here as well, though I still have a 60-day Plex in my back pocket (not literally of course).  I set Battlecruisers 5 to train19 days ago and haven’t logged in since.   I’ve contemplated why and finally come to the conclusion that I just need a change of pace and scenery.  I may dig up the post on that Amarr RPG corp that ran Level 5’s together and see what I can do about getting in. 

The Reincarnation – I have struggled with my guild in the last set.  Its falling apart to be honest.  It used to be really well run and hung its hat on the concept of honor.  Now its a trash heap of miscommunication and dirty play.  Remember how last set we got jumped and I whined about it here?  Yeah, we totally did that to a different guild this set, which just began.  And not only that, we did it to the same guild that we beat the tar out of at the *end* of the last set.  That’s not only dirty, its cheap too.

Well, that’s about it – my life in games as its stands right now, so to speak.  See you Monday!


5 thoughts on “Brief Friday Update

  1. As you may have seen on my blog, I’ve pretty much stopped playing WoW until the expansion hits (if I return at all). So I’ve been working through my single-player games: I finally managed to finish Dragon Age: Origins (awesome) and I’m working on Awakening now. The point of all this?

    Thanks for the tip on Spectromancer! As an avid M:tG tournament player back in the day, this looks sweet – I’ll have to check it out!

    1. Nice,

      I only played in one tourney, about the time, Ice Age came out, and I got my tail whipped. Spectromancer has been alot of fun. Let me know if you buy the full version so I’ll have someone to spar against. (-:

      For whatever reason, I didn’t have any interest in Dragon Age, which was odd for me, since I own both NWN games with all the add ons.

      1. I do so miss the competetive MtG days – mainly because that was college and I miss all the buddies that I used to game with! Anyhow, I played through the initial campaign of Spectromancer yesterday and rather enjoyed it. I have to do a little research to decide if it’s worth a buy, but what I saw yesterday was promising. I really like that they’ve eliminated “mana screw” to an extent by the use of power – not so much the luck of the draw needing to get land into your hand.

        As for Dragon Age, I would definitely recommend it. Good plot, solid gameplay, hours of fun. I actually picked up Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition on the cheap this weekend; I rolled up a Monk and have played an hour or so. It’s hard to get used to the smaller screen, but I like what I’ve seen so far.

        I also have Baldur’s Gate 1+2 plus expansions coming in the mail. I might have gone overboard in my current “MMO vacation”, huh? 😀

  2. I can actually play Spectromancer online head-to-head without having purchased the entire game – I can only use Illusion cards, though. I’ve done pretty well considering, I think, I’m up to “level 5”, but I haven’t played since the weekend. My handle there is Andraus – look me up if you’re online. I’ll likely play on weekends more than during the week as I’ve just started up an OOTP11 league that is chewing up my free time on weekdays. (being a baseball GM is busy work!)

    1. I had to look up what OOTP11 was lol. Sounds fun..if you make it football instead!

      Spectromancer will probably lock you out after “x” number of matches, it seems to do that in every other area. But I didn’t play any online, so that part of the freebie is open to me. I’ll see if I can find you on one night and we can go head to head. Think of the blogging madness that would insue!

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