What a World!

I’ve been having some bad gaming juju lately mates. 

I’m finally ready to sell off my spare commodoties in EVE and purchase my command ship, poised to finish skill training – and we get war decc’d.  @#$%$@%.  I mean, I’d be excited to take a Command Ship into battle since it pretty much rules the hi-sec war dec roost,  but – I have to get one first, and now I can’t sell off my BS/BC collection because our fleet com wants them for PvP ops.  And then I also realize that I forgot to pick up Logistics and Heavy Assault ship skill books.  And the nearest book sale (within a reasonable markup of course) is a half dozen jumps away, toward the enemy corp HQ.  Bleh.  On the bright side, since I haven’t been able to play much, I’m pretty much missing the war.  With luck it won’t last more than the week, and I can finish out my last 5 days of training and finish up on the money end as well.

But wait, there’s more, for those of you who remember that I do more than just play EVE:

In The Reincarnation, I continue to have conflict and come out on the short end of the stick in guild and war matters.  I spent $10 at Target, in the mood for a good old RTS to get the blood pumping (Supreme Commander) and found that I cannot get it working.  Not sure if its a Vista problem or a defective copy – but either way it sucks. 

Add that into my general exhaustion, frustration, and indeed, sometimes outright anger, at life right now, and there are some nights I just don’t even want to turn my trusty compy on.  Maybe I should go on hiatus for a month and wait for a nice new moon or something.


4 thoughts on “What a World!

  1. *hugs*

    Walk away for a while. Nothing beats walking away from the computer and remembering there’s a while world out there. Get some movies.

    No, not THOSE movies.

    Well… okay, whatever movies you want, really. 😀

    1. LOL thanks Ysh, I needed the laugh. Unfortunately I have the opposite problem – as my brother teased me last week, I essentially gave up games for Lent. I haven’t touched an MMO in well over a month, except for swapping skills in EVE. I’ve shifted to single players games and games I can jump into and out of without consequence because of RL stress and time constraints.

      Honestly, reflecting on it in this moment – I just miss playing with other people. /-:

  2. Jakub Stormgaard


    Right now my Corp live sin a Class 5 wormhole, some of them go in and out, I live there almost exclusively. If you or your corp are having hi-sec issues via war dec, let me know and when we have a way into hisec, I’ll run you guys anything you might need.

    1. Thanks Jakub!

      We moved into my old dummy shell corp to ride out the storm, so I think we are good for now. The weird thing is the guy won’t actually fight, and he’s now a 1-man corp, so he’s just wasting money and making us irritated.

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