State of My Game: April

After the last post, I realized that the last two months have been pretty lonely for me.

For a guy who’s gaming life is dedicated almost completely to MMO’s – I hadn’t played online with anyone.  For one thing, I just didn’t have time, but for another, I just didn’t have motivation.   I’ve pondered that for awhile, particularly since I still tend to enjoy EVE a great deal.

I finally realized that my plans in EVE revolved around – doing stuff by myself.  And they got that way because our planned corp activities – group mining ops basically – were only happening at a time when I couldn’t be there (a good chunk of our membership resides on the eastern side of the pond).  Not to mention that mining is not my favorite activity.  There’s always running missions – but in the pocket we’ve chosen, that’s not an option.  So you have to make a run through actively pirated/gate camped systems to swap back and forth between the two.  Well, I should clarify – running level fours with buds is not happening in pocket.  Solo 1’s – yes.  Group 4’s – no.

So I went on to single player games with a vengeance.  Mount and Blade definitely helped get me through the drought, as did my RTS itch that I finally was able to scratch through Supreme Commander (turns out, once you get it working, its pretty darn sweet).

But now that I have time again, I want to play with folks again.  I have the same bottleneck – actually worse – in EVE since we got War Decced the day I came back.  And we’re still under that war deck.   Missioning and Mining are severely curtailed.  And we can’t seem to engage the opposing corp in battle.  They keep running away, and we keep refusing to give them easy targets.  And in frustration, they keep renewing the War Dec.

So, while making a run to pick up a Wii Fit for my wife (that merits a whole post of its own btw) while she was at physical therapy, I remembered that I had a $40 gift card still from a returned double gift at Christmas.  And so I was scanning the game rack, wondering if there was anything that would recapture my passion and attention.  I went through all the single player games, and without really realizing it, ended up at the end of the row with the MMO’s.  And I saw the box for the Sentinal’s Fate expansion for Everquest II.   I’ve played EQ2 in two stints now, and I’m not shy about saying that I think that its the most complete and engaging fantasy MMO out there.  And so it shouldn’t surpise me I guess, but inside my head, a voice asked a single question:

Why do you keep leaving Everquest 2?

All the other games I’ve played, I left because the game frustrated me, or because I was ready for something new.  But with Everquest II, both times I left because someone else called me away.  Neither time was I dont playing, I just followed someone else who asked me and didn’t have the finances to juggle both.  Well, now I do.  I’m a few months ahead on EVE and Star Trek, while lying unplayed, has also been prepaid with Christmas money.  So I don’t have anything tapping my credit card on a monthly basis right now. 

So, long story short, I used my gift card (just the regular, not the overpriced collectors, thx) and put in for a month’s sub.  And I’ve been having a lot of fun again.  Hopefully this will get me through my current gaming hump and allow me some time to figure out what my next step in EVE is.  Until then, expect some fantasy style updates the likes of which this blog hasn’t seen since the opening days of WAR.