Trading Places

* Quick Note for my EVE readers:  I’m currently training Missile Launcher Operation 5, followed by an arc for T2 Transports.  While I wait for a two person corp with way to much money to decide to war dec elsewhere.

So I’ve been bouncing around  trying to find my footing in EQ2.  I’ve been playing on Lucan D’Lere with The Halasian Empire with a Wood Elf Guardian.  I’ve logged some time with my original Half-Elf Necromancer on Blackburrow with my old groupmate (I was suprised to learn he was still playing).  And last night I joined The Knights Who Say Ni on Antonica Bayle.   But I still don’t know what I’m playing there.  Most of the day was spend internally debating Warden vs. Fury.  I finally (I think) settled on the Fury, just because of the higher damage output, and thus faster leveling cycle.   Having said that, I also got intrigued by the Defiler again.  I want the class to work, I want it to be right for me, but I think ultimately what I want and what it will be will remain two different things.

::cue John Williams score::

I really want the class to be something like the Ritualist from Guild Wars.  While at first blush the Ritualist looks like a pet class, given that it summons spirits, in reality the spirits operate much like the buffs and wards in the Shaman archetype in EQ2.  But they are actually spirits – unlike the Defiler which still seems to be bound to spirits which are in fact animal totems – which should probably be more the realm of the Mystic, IMHO.

Anyway, the bottom line is that this time around, any DPS character – mage or rogue or whatever – will be my secondary instead of my main.  The one experience I’ve had playing a mainline healer was Vanguard, and it was a blast.  But I’ve always been worried that it was fun because of the class itself and not because of the role.  If I keep it up here, I may just have a chance to find out for sure.  Wouldn’t that be funny if I’ve been playing the wrong archetype all these years?  And by funny, I mean mind numbingly frustrating?

The super fun thing is that this is literally my first time through the Gorowyn starting area.  So far, outside of superior rewards, I don’t see that its all that different than the other ones.  I’m promised that it will take me to 20 though (instead of 10) so I’m happy about that prospect!


2 thoughts on “Trading Places

  1. A starting area by any other name is still a starting area. It does try to introduce newbies to a few more concepts though (harvesting, clicking on stuff, whatever) and it does have a pretty good storyline. The war between scales & feathers isn’t just a simple matter of one side genociding the other first — not all sarnaks agree with the whole KILL THEM ALL! principle, though I don’t think you find that out until you get into the 10+ areas.

    We seem to have a hard time logging in at the same time. 😉 Let me know what your general play schedule is (if you have one) and I’ll see if I can’t synchronise a little.

    1. Am starting to think I should use Xfire or one of those other stupid gaming thingies so people can keep track of where I’m playing. Bleh! Big gaming brother is watching you!

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