The Phantom War

“If you shoot at a king, you must kill him.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

So we have been in a war, but it continues to be a sort of Cold War.  Lots of words and no actions and a complete waste of cash.  The enemy corp consists now of one guy dual boxing.  We got tired of chasing his Vagabond through hi-sec…which produced one of the best quotes this far btw:

Enemy:  “Yeah this thing is fast, great for getting into and out of fights in a hurry.”

My brother:  “Fights? What fights?  All you do is run away.”

After some contemplation, our leader had us move out of the corp and into my old dummy shell corp so we could go back to mining and missioning without having to worry about chasing one guy around the constellation all the time.  Its about time for another payment if he wants the war to continue again.  This is the best and worst thing about EVE and its sandbox though isn’t it?  After these wars, one more idiot will be bankrupt and no longer playing.  But the payment for that is several weeks of irritating and sporadic play while he puts his quarters in the slot to make us dance.

When the dust clears, I’m going to do some housecleaning.  I’m working on T2 transports now, and my goal is to pare down to my new command ship, , my recon, and whatever else I can fit inside a blockade runner.  Everything else will be sold off, which will hopefully finance my next set of endeavors, wherever they may take me.