Decisions, Decisions

Choose always the way that seems the best, however rough it may be; custom will soon render it easy and agreeable.

~ Pythagorus


Its clear by now that I want something new in EVE, something different.   I’ve pondered a couple of different options the last few days, mainly revolving around things I haven’t done yet:

Factional Warfare

Signing up for a militia and engaging in some PvP sounds fun, and of course has that faint roleplaying air to it that entices me so much.  I want at least some aura of playing in a different reality, and that is not all visual coming from the screen you know?  Back when I was ready to leave Origin Systems, one of the corps I looked at was an RP corp involved in factional warfare, lo sec roams, and the like:  Strix Armaments & Defense.  I worried a little at the activity there given that the forums were barely active, but that has changed in the last two months.   There is however, the tiny problem that while I play a Gallente, I don’t fly Gallente.  Normally that’s not an issue – but it could be in an RP corp.

Go All Out Industrial

I could stay with my current corp, buy into what they are doing, and go full fledged business man.  They are currently doing sporadic T2 production with an eye towards making that less sporadic.  I’m a few weeks from a Hulk and a month from being able to drive the corp Orca, should I choose to go in this direction.  It would work well with my current play schedule, in that alot of market drive and money making takes place offline and can be done without large time commitments.  The downside here is that my personal RL schedule does not jive with the corp in any way anymore.  So I’d be mining and such solo.  Meh.

Null Sec

Two days ago I would have laughed at this idea, but there is now a possibility.  I don’t see myself doing line battleship and giant fleet battles.  I don’t have the time or patience for it for the most part (at least, if they are anything like the one null-sec almost-war I was involved in).  And while I’d love to fly a cap or supercap, the thought of losing it and letting others down gives me ulcers.  But then over on the Ninveah, up goes a recruiting post for M3 Corp, with the promise of a semi-stable null sec environment that revolved not around giant battles, but the small/medium skirmishes that I do tend to enjoy here in high and lo sec.  That’s very tempting.  I imagine losing capsules left and right means little to no implants, which  means longer training times, but to be honest…outside of the long road to jump capable ships, I’m not working on anything in particular now, so time is not of the essence.  And so, in turn, I don’t mind losing capsules, which happens a good bit in null sec.  Might be nice to return to my first love (interceptors) and these days, since I can fly most T2 ship varieties (and fit them, of course), I would be more useful than I would have been a few months ago.

Tough choices lie ahead.  If you have some input, or other options I should look at…feel free to let me know!


3 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. If you have jump clones, then you use your cheap implant clone for PvP and then when you know you will be off for a few days, jump into your +4 clone. A lot of players do that.

    Join us, you know you want to 🙂

  2. That would be my +3 clone, since I haven’t trained Cybernetics up high enough yet. (-: Yeah, I have a pair of jump clones actually, so no problem there. The only real downside of applying to join M3 is that I’ve worked for nearly 3 months to get Commands Ships trained – and I wouldn’t really have much of a good reason to fly them out there I don’t think.

  3. Jakub Stormgaard

    Well, if you’re interested, you could always try wormhole life. It’s fairly dynamic, always a chance to spill out into a random nullsec system and PvP or PvE. Mining, gas harvesting, fighting Sleepers. Lots of fun.

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