High Water Mark

Sorry I haven’t posted much this week!  Unfortunately we had some internet issues during the week, and, for those of you who have been living under a rock, we’ve had a little problem with water around here this weekend as well.

Bottom line, I have about three posts half done as drafts that I need to finish up and post up.  So look for some regular contributions this week as we all try to get back to normal around here.


EVE Online:  14 days to Tyrannis!

Everquest 2:  ??? days to LU56 and New Halas!


3 thoughts on “High Water Mark

  1. Damn, didn’t know you were in the flood zone. Stay safe!

    One of these days we really should try to log in at the same time, m’kay? 😀 Let me know your playtimes again and I’ll see what I can do.

    1. Yeah, we were fortunate, the pumps in our neighborhood were able to keep up. The city and most of its suburbs have been blitzed hard. Complicating matters is that some of the city vehicles and emergency coordination centers ended up under water as well, so we’re not playing with a full deck either. )-:

      I’m on most nights from 9pm – 11:30pm CST. If my schedule is favorable, I can play some during the day on my day off, which is Thursday. I think you play a little earlier in the day than I do, when I’m usually chasing after my three little ones. (-: But if you are playing later, let me know, I can pull a late night occassionally, esp. Wednesday nights.

      1. Nah, I play WAY earlier. Only kid I’m looking after is technically all grown up and rises at Navy time (for me, WTF-o’clock, for him Oh-dark-hundred). I’ve had to adapt to his schedule or we sort of pass like ships in the night, which is no kind of communal life.

        So yeah — when there’s no work going on I can play pretty much all day but tend to quit around dinnertime. When I *do* have work I’ll usually play really early in the morning then work my head off and then collapse in a heap in front of the TV.

        Will see what I can do about logging on a little later in the day. 😀

        In the meantime, stay dry. Been watching updates on the news and it’s pretty hefty flooding. Here’s hoping it starts to recede soon.

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