Free Levels for Everyone!

I’ve said before that as much as I hold a grudge against Funcom, they do incorporate some innovative ideas.  And now they are offering free offline levels for any post-level 30 character on accounts.  While they aren’t the first to offer this kind of thing  it is very intriguing.  DAoC has a similar system in place, but its not as rapid, and basically is there to help keep the game alive and keep old hands interested in staying around.

The pace is a bit bewildering too.  You get a free level every four days, which comes to 7 a month, or 15 in a 60 day cycle.  That’s very nice.

I’m of two minds here basically.  One is that I want free levels.  Two is that this shamefully encourages racing through content to reach end game.  Its like good angel/bad angel on my shoulders.  Hopefully this won’t ever hit EQ2, and then I won’t have to have the internal debate with myself.  (-:

H/T to Adventurer Historian for the link, who I also noticed for some reason, I don’t have on my blogroll.  Shame on me.  /fixed.


5 thoughts on “Free Levels for Everyone!

  1. Adventurer Historian

    Woot! Thanks for the link!

    To be fair, the “race” to end game content would take 200 days using just the free offline levels. I’m not too concerned about the whole thing.

    1. That’s true, the pace of free levels is too slow for the people who run through content anyway, and not enough to instantly elevate newcomers. But what you will see is incentive to level as fast as possible. That puts stress on the community and discouragers newcomers. Of course, unless they filled the leveling potholes in Tortage, newcomers already have an uphill climb ahead of them.

      1. Adventurer Historian

        Having just played through Tortage once completely, and to level 15 on an alt, I’ve not encountered any potholes. The second time around, I was disappointed that my destiny quests didn’t give enough EXP to get me out of Tortage really fast, but there’s always a quest to go do somewhere, be that somewhere the Underhalls, White Sands Isle, or Pict Wonderland.

      2. That’s good to hear. Tortage is what killed my sub the first time around. About three different times I would hit a plateau where my next quest (solo or regular) was too high for me, and I’d have to grind low con mobs for two levels to catch up. I don’t mind grinding without quests (I enjoy it in fact) if there are camps and rewards set up for that, but there weren’t. As far as I’m concerned, if they fixed Tortage, they get two thumbs up.

      3. Adventurer Historian

        The largest problem I’d heard was that the game dropped off after Tortage – that Tortage was actually the best part of the gaming experience.

        Outside of the fact that voice acting has become rarer – which really isn’t a problem – I’ve not detected any noticeable drop in quality, and I’ve not really hit any leveling snags.

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