Go With What You Know

That has been my theme in MMO land this week.

I know, not too long ago I was wanting to try something new.  And truth be told, I did.  It’s like when you mom says you can’t say you don’t like a new food until you try it.  Well I tried the beets and I don’t like them, thank you very much.

We'll have none of that here Mr. Cleese. Move along...

In EQ2, I had started out thinking I would head a different path.  I started out splitting time the two RP servers where I had new guild homes at.  On one, the gravitation was to a good character, and a Wood Elf Guardian has been my main there.  I enjoyed it right up until I got into some real – ie, non starter content, at which point I found out two things – 1) it doesn’t actually tank very well, and 2) it has anemic DPS.  I haven’t deleted him, but still…

One the other RP server, I decided to play evil characters to get the whole – Gorowyn experience, which I hadn’t tried before.  Turns out the “its a better starting experience/area” line is mostly myth, but I’ll get to that in another post.  I tried it first time through with a Fury.  It solos and it can heal for groups – what’s not to like right?  And I do like it, but…I dunno.  Maybe its just because I feel like as a healer, I should be healing someone.  Otherwise I feel, incomplete somehow.  (-:

So, basically, I’m playing a Brigand on one server and I’m waiting for New Halas on the other so I can start a new character there.  Because, even though my highest level character overall is a Necromancer, my Brigand alt was the one I always had the most fun with.  And if you aren’t having fun playing, why are you paying the money, right?

Awesome shot via eve-wiki.net

In EVE Online, I realized the unstable null sec situation would eventually catch up with me, and lo, if you have been keeping up with the posts over at the Ninveah, then you know this is true.  Added to that was me plotting the path to jump-capable ships, in particular my original goal of being a carrier pilot.  But truth be told, the idea of having to have someone else playing with me, or getting a second account, to be able to move my ship anywhere, is just a bit too much for me.   With that in mind, I decided that it was time to enter the frontier of business and industry.  My skill queue is currently pointed to Mining Barge V, with an eye towards that juicy Orca, which can double as an all-in-one carry all should I decide to leave and strike out for an alternate destination elsewhere in space.

Now, if I could just find some time to actually play…