The Gorowyn Myth Revisited

So I went back to Timorous Deep last night from Butcherblock to snoop around and see if I had missed anything.  Turns out I had.  I found a quest from a guy overlooking the backside of the beach and a quest on the docks to take me to Butcherblock.  Both were level 20 quests though.  So I kept digging.

I did find a little.  I hadn’t done any of the city bounty kill quests, and so I was able to earn some status for my guild finally.  And in doing so I stumbled across a well/underwater system that will, I think, yield additional pylons.  But first I’m gonna have to level my crafting and put together a few Totem’s of the Otter.  Useful item to have that thing is.  And while doing gorilla kills I got some panther skin thing that unlocked another quest line. 

So there probably is enough there to get you to level twenty, you just have to be a bit creative.  And that is another of my problems with Timorous Deep.  You have to get super creative with some of the quests.  Take the final Haoaera kill quest.  Just how exactly does one get up there to take him down?  He’s too far back on the cliff to get an angle for ranged weapons or spells.  There is no back route (I know, I wasted 15 minutes climbing mountains all of the island trying to find one).  You *can* get up there, but its takes a bit of platforming ability and good guesswork for find the clipping spots on the hills to duck, dodge, crawl, and jump from crevice to crevice to get up there.   And for me all that was happening after I’d told the supreme enchilada that I wouldn’t kill any more of them.  Honest.  (Okay, well, who are we kidding, I’m playing a Brigand and they paid me, so, whatever).

I need a Totem of the Super Jump

And so I’m sticking with my original assessment.  The bottom line is that I don’t find Timorous Deep to be any easier, smoother, or more rewarding than the original starter areas.  It is better than Kelethin, but anything is better than hearing that little girl and all those faeries whining.

I realize this may start a small blog war with Ysharros.  But its a risk I’m willing to take.  It’ll be like the nervousness of the July Crisis.  (-:  Besides, if the MMO gods didn’t want us all to have differing opinions, they wouldn’t have given us all our own blogs.

One thought on “The Gorowyn Myth Revisited

  1. Blog war? Pish and tush. Just different opinions. Isn’t that what gaming’s all about? 😉

    And yeah, that head Haoaoaoaoroaoaoaoan (god I hate that word) is a pain. *Some* ranged attacks can reach him but it depends on exactly how far back he’s spawned and on the class that’s trying — my fury had no trouble DoTting him but my Swashie couldn’t hit him with anything she had. I’m impressed you found a way up there. Me, I just thought f*** this! 😀

    Thinking about it, the main reason I prefer TD these days is probably because it’s a bit more compact than older-world starting areas. Running back and forth across Antonica gets OLD when you’ve done it a million times. Then again, TD probably would too.

    (As an aside, I’m FAR from enchanted with the New Halas starting area, but since it’s still on Test and still being heavily tweaked I’ll hold off saying any more until I see the final product.)

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