Tag, You’re It!

“Listen, Ender, commanders have just as much authority as you let them have. The more you obey, the more power they have over you.”

~ Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card

I can’t help but think this in some ways sums up the latest development in my “other mmo” – The Reincarnation.  Our High Council is made up of what basically amounts to a singular leader and three advisors.   The leader is going to miss at least half of the coming set due to RL issues, and she will be missed.  The advisors are all there because they are vets who know  the game,  but who do not wish the burdens or extra time commitment of leading the guild.   And one of them will not be returning next set.   So our blessed leaders nominates – me. 

I was surprised.  Even more so when the vets chimed in their approval of the selection.  Surprised I guess because we have butted heads throughout the last two sets under the stress of what basically became a blood feud with another guild.   But…enter the above quote.  While we fought often, I never abandoned the guild.  I didn’t agree with the fighting, yet I was still involved with it – to the point of landing that KO last week.  Basically, I wasn’t fighting because someone ordered me to.  I was fighting because I decided that I would fight.  Because I love the guild ideals.  Because I believe that loyalty has a price that needs to be paid for, sometimes in blood.  Such a person accrues a reputation for being a team player, for being self motivated, and for being reasonable.  And those things, more often than not, accrue respect.  And to those we give respect…

Or of course, maybe its just the old musical chairs conundrum.  Last one standing the when the music stops…  (-:

Anyway, long story short – The White Raven is now my personal baby.  And this set is wide open.  We need more people.  And for that you need relationships, as I have explained before.  And I have a relationship with you – nominal as it may be.  So head over to the Silvery Talon Tavern and get yourselves signed up.  No worries, we have an extensive training campus.

But…we require three things:

Thou shalt make thy guild proud.
Thou shalt be loyal to thy guild.
Thou shalt not ashame thy guild.

Do you have what it takes?