Narrowing It Down

So when I was last in Hyperborea, I had a hard time deciding on a class.  I was enamored with the melee combo system, and to some extent I still am.  But I also like my ranged action.  The solution last time was to go with the Ranger.  Nice solo elements, but also useful in a group.

Ranger Crossing

This time around though, it wasn’t really doing it for me.  I had already tried the Dark Templar (too blah) and the Assassin (too squishy) the last time around.  My alt had been a Necromancer, which I had liked.  I had also had an inkling, looking at the skill list, that the Demonologist would be a familiar class to me (much like the pet classes I play in the EQ series).   Beyond that lay the Herald (originally the Lich class btw, I still think they made a mistake there), which looked fun but I had passed on in deference to my brother, who was playing one last time around.  So I decided to play through the Mage archetype and see what I could see.

Long story short, I like the Demonologist alot, and I found the Necro to be less engaging this time around.  Probably because its really squishy as well, since the pets draw no aggro, and it seems to be missing the commensurate DPS to make up for it.  But I miss the awesome fatality combos.  So I moved on to the Herald, and added the Conqueror and Barbarian into the mix as well.  The Herald suffers a bit because of its lack of weapon variety (hey, what can I say? I get bored easy) next to the other two.  And if I’m going to roll out melee combos, having the tanking ability to go with it is a nice touch for grouping.

Hence:  A twofer.  I’m playing a Cimmerian Conqueror and a Stygian Demonologist.  This gives me two different playstyles, both of which are enjoyable. Now that that’s out of the way…its time to find out if they’ve ironed out the wrinkles in the leveling ramp known as Tortage.


One thought on “Narrowing It Down

  1. Adventurer Historian

    I’ve got a Barbarian and a Herald right now. I’m not concerned about the HoX’s lack of variety – two-handed edged weapons are pretty sweet, and I don’t really feel that I’d get more out of the class if I had more weapon choices.

    I am really jealous of the heavier armor, though. 😡

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