Building The Dream

So after learning the identity of the Amarr Mystery Ship, I realized, I can’t pilot one, and I won’t ever be able to put on into action either (I don’t dualbox > So I don’t do jump-only ships > So no supercarriers > So no Malleus).

So I wondered, on a whim, if maybe I could at least help put some of these beautiful ships into circulation.  I have decided that I will slant towards industrial for awhile, to support my guilds efforts, and so this might be a way I could plug in directly.  All of that assumed that Fighter Bombers were a T2 production item.

Surprise!  They aren’t!

Turns out all I need is one more skill, Capital Ship Construction, which I am a mere two weeks away from being able to train.  Of course, I’ll need to check the local market and figure out if it would be profitable, and where to sell them out of, but I’m excited about the possibilities.

And of course, it goes without saying that if you or your corp need Fighters and Fighter Bombers…I’ll give you a great introductory rate!


2 thoughts on “Building The Dream

    1. I believe you’re right, and the fighter one is around 200m. I’ll probably have to track down some BPC’s to begin with. And this may have to be a long term plan, since to be honest, my cash flow is rather tight at the moment, what with the constant war decs.

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