So Where Have You Been Lately?

Me?  I’ve been away from MMO land, that virtual universe that we all know and love so much.  Not to worry, it was a temporary reprieve.  My trip out of town, my brother, both of these things took my time, and on top of that I’ve been battling illness.  I had a headache that lasted for 48 hours and wouldn’t let up no matter what dosage of Advil/Aleve/Tylenol I used.   I journeyed to the doc.  They ruled out all the big stuff (enclosed MRI’s suck btw)  but saw that I did have “a severe infection” in the sinus cavities that are hard to get to (the ones in the middle of your head).  Severe enough that if I get to the end of the antibiotics and there is no improvement  they will repeat the antibiotics, only this time through an IV drip as I relax in the unquestionable luxury of a hospital room.  I’m hoping to avoid that.  It has cut my playing time though as I get exhausted pretty easily and have had to take a few days off of work to literally do nothing.   I went to bed at 6 last night even – missed NBA finals, World Cup soccer, and MMO’s all three!

With the step back from online time, I let my EVE account lapse.   I would have done the same with the EQ2 one as well, just to save the money, but I didn’t get to it in time.  So at this point I’m not playing anything.   I did collect an APB key, but to be honest, shooters usually aren’t my thing so I don’t expect that to go very far.   I’ll probably diddle around with EQ2 a little more this week.  A big shout out to the lovely people over at The Halasian Empire, who have made my last couple of weeks in the game much more entertaining and welcoming.

I’ll probably also attempt to finish out my run through Tortage and the Age of Conan unlimited trial.  I really have enjoyed the game this time around, and found all the leveling bumps and annoyances from before to have been worked out a great deal.

EVE remains something of a dilemma for me.  I enjoy reading the blogs on the game, I enjoy playing with the fitter, but to be honest, its been nearly three months since I’ve taken a ship out of a hanger to do anything other than transfer some modules or scout war targets.  I’m just kinda waiting for some inspiration and motivation I guess.  I hate it that my character is not training, but in truth, part of letting my account lapse was to force me to deal with that.  I get nervous if something seems to have too great a hold on me, yaknow?

But with all that piddling, I don’t have a main game right now, and I am not really angling for one either.  I just seem to be content to float for an hour here or there as I have time and energy.   Speaking of, I’m about out right now as well.   So I’m going to go turn in.  May grand adventure and heroic stories await you in whatever realm you are journeying in as you read this.