Hope For Some, Despair for Others

There’s a new cinematic trailer out today for The Last Airbender The Old Republic.  Watch in awe as Aang a female Jedi utilizes the elements of Earth and Air the Force to teach peace and harmony to a half dozen or so Firebenders Sith Warriors.

What next, Jedi who can use the force to alter the outcome of entire battles or the ability to suck capital starships from orbit?

Oh wait…

PS:  Bet Stormtroopers wish they had that Republic armor eh?  Rated to take a full frontal point blank grenade blast.  Oh my!

PPS:  You can find less cynical reviews of the trailer here and here.

9 thoughts on “Hope For Some, Despair for Others

  1. Heh heh, you’re not the only person who’s had these thoughts. I still think the trailer is great, but I’m inclined to agree with you on some things…the fact that they did go waaaaay overboard with flash and bang, and has basically got themselves into a predicament by making this mysterious female the most powerful jedi in the old republic. Despite the over-the-top powers and effects, the Deceived trailer still held more “wow” moments for me 🙂

      1. Just raises a lot of questions about her character, her powerful nature and how she will ultimately fit into the SWTOR story. Like you’ve already alluded to in your post, people are going to find over-the-top things like sucking captial starships from orbit to be pretty ridiculous, and most won’t be satisfied with just “that’s just the way it is because we think it’s cool” as an answer.

      2. Oops, I meant HarbingerZero’s post, I was blind and thought I was replying to him.

        The other thing is, Satele Shan ends up emerging as one of the most powerful Jedi in this time period, and becomes the youngest Jedi ever to become Grand Master of the Order. So, what the heck happened to THIS woman in the trailer then, who is clearly powerful in her own right?

        While we’re on this topic though…I read some theories that supposedly, the conflict on Alderaan occurs about 27 years before the Treaty of Coruscant, the Threat of Peace comics and the Deceived trailer, and that’s why the Jedi in trailer could not have been Satele as she would have been just a child at this time. Instead, the theory states that the woman could be her MOTHER. It’s an interesting theory, I guess, one I can see being the case since that would also explain why we haven’t seen her in any media before this, as well as her absence from all the events that take place after this (because we were given a hint from Bioware that Satele’s mother might have been exiled by the Jedi) This is treading into extremely nerdy territory though, so I’ll stop now 😀

      3. I liken this video to all the Dune prequals that have come around since the original series. All of a sudden, Bene Gesserit witches are teleporting and casting invisibility – and the natural question arises – such powers would have been terribly useful (perhaps storyline changing) if they had existed before.

        In short – its power creep, and its irritating, particularly in the realms of RPG’s.

  2. Adventurer Historian

    I’m with GeeCee; I liked to ‘Deceived’ trailer a bit more. But this one was fun, especially because it made Troopers look good.

  3. James Haight

    It goes off in the guy’s face, and he’s.. just a bit singed? The hell does the Republic load those grenades with, confetti?

  4. Obviously the grenade wasn’t that powerful. Neither the Sith nor the Trooper were severely injured. Maybe it was just a flashbang because that’s what the trooper had handy. OTOH, many aspects of game combat (following Hollywood patterns) wouldn’t occur in real battle situations, where opponents are either uninjured or incapacitated, rarely powering through major injuries.

    Wow. How’s that for nerdiness, GeeCee?

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