Westward Ho!

A short while ago, The Ancient Gaming Noob and I shared happy memories of our first RPG experience – in a classroom with an Oregon Trail experience.  Not the one on the computer, but one that involved the entire class in small groups and roleplaying exercises.  This was prompted by his look at Frontierville on Facebook.  Scroll down to the bottom for our comments.

Well today, from sheer coincidence, as I looked for something completely unrelated, guess what I found?

Westward Ho!

Looks like its been updated for the internet age, and may in fact be a whole new program, but it jives alot with what I remember, so its at least based on that core material I think.  I may have to email the “Wagonmistress” and find out the history and origins of  the program.  Its for schools of course, but how wicked cool would that be if the materials were open to the public?

The classroom unit basically consists of five weeks of activities.  The first week is spend on character creation…errr, group organization, supply selection, etc.   The next three weeks are governed by the Travel and Fate cards which give out random encounters for the groups to face and overcome.  The last week is the reunion and celebration where the survivors celebrate their safe journey into the northwest territories.  This element at least is subpar – everyone knows thats the place where the GM is supposed to hand out the loot and XP.  But I suppose for a one-off scenario that’s not really appropriate eh?

Anyway, as they say on the intrawebz…IMMD.