8 thoughts on “Phishing Phail

  1. My gmail spam folder is full of them, and for games I’ve *never* played (AION) let alone the ones I haven’t played in years.
    Also, the grammar and language are TOTALLY believable. *cough*

  2. Ghanur

    You should disable the link – somebody might be tempted to klick on it.

    I do get phishing mails too, for WoW (inactive), for AION (never played) – all phishing is directed to my ‘public’ address, the one I never use(d) for any games ;).

    All those phishing mails are delivered via hotmail.com servers.

  3. Same here; I’m still getting tons of these (on an e-mail account not tied to either game) for both AION and WoW, neither sub is active.

    Glad to see you’re enjoying APB, it looks like fun in spite of all the ‘official’ reviews out there.

  4. Oops, I thought I had disabled the link. Thanks for the heads up Ghanur.

    I had forgotten until all of you said something that I got one for Aion last week, which I haven’t played either. How desperate are these people? What do they gain beyond free game time?

    I have’t looked at any of the official reviews for APB. I’ve heard of some problem with hacks, though I haven’t encountered that myself. The single hit box drives hardcore shooters absolutely bonkers, but = I’m actually a fan of it. Hardcore MMO types don’t like the instancing and “lack of storyline” which is funny…just because.

  5. Most of the criticisms do stem from the one hit box as well as apparently “wonky” driving controls. At the same time, though, many people seem to relay the same feelings you do – while the game might not be perfect (it’s pretty darn new), they’re having an absolute blast.

    I don’t get the phishing stuff, either.

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