I’m getting old…

In blogger years anyway.  We are just shy of a month away from my two year blog-anniversary.  Which means we are sneaking up on some others as well (you know who you are…)!

Having made it this far, I am toying with a couple of things.  I never expected to last this long to be honest.  But it scratches the itch to write somewhat ( I have a post in the works about all the grand wisdom I absorbed from Ben Bova, Terry Brooks, Eric Flint, and others at the Con last weekend) and gives me a “chair at the table” in discussions about MMO’s and games in general.  I love that!

Anyway, I digress.  Two things I am pondering –

One.  Should I bite the bullet and start actually shelling out some money for this blog?  I’m tempted to upgrade into the full WordPress package, since I can’t seem to find a free theme that I like, and everytime I look at my main page, I kind a cringe at its monochromatic greyness.  By that I mean, yes, finding a host and buying a domain as well.  I’m not really sure how to go about doing all that.  This is mostly prompted by looking at some of the WordPress themes that are apparently not free, and wishing I had them.

Hmm, upgrades...

Two.  In the wake of the RealID  storm, I have once again pondered revealing what I do.  Its not all that unique I job I suppose, but I believe it gives me some unique insight into the world of online games, particularly the community aspect.  I think this may be the year to do that.

And beyond that, how exactly should one celebrate the blog-o-versary?

Your feedback, as always, is appreciated.


5 thoughts on “I’m getting old…

  1. Re: shelling out cash

    I look at blogging as a second hobby. So over two years how much would you spend on another hobby? And how much have you spent on blogging?

    I gladly shell out money every year for some webspace and my ninveah.com domain. Compared to my other hobbys its darn cheap.

    1. Yeah I started doing some looking and I’m surpised at how cheap it would be. My wife maintains a website for her photography business and has promised to give me a helping hand and make the cost of setting it up my birthday present (which almost coincides with my blogging birthday lol). And I love blogs like yours that have taken that step. So its probably inevitable at this point. I mostly need input from others on suggested hosts and gadgets, etc.

      The real cost in all this may be finding some hotshot artist to create a banner for me!

  2. Get a sixpack of virtual beer and get virtually drunk.

    As for domains and stuff… been there, done that, couldn’t be arsed to keep paying for it when I wasn’t doing much with it. What’s held me off recently were the various security issues with WordPress releases, which as a non-payer I don’t have to worry about on the WP.com site.

    Arsedness aside though, it’s really easy and getting easier. Pretty cheap, too. Artist-wise, you could hit up @g33kg0dd3ss (twitter tag), “Dragonchsers” Pete Smith’s better half, who is incredibly talented. Or Greg Moran of course. I’m sure someone in the blogosphere knows what he’s up to these days.

    Last but not least, crap. This age thing has to stop. I guess I’ll be turning 2 in a month or so myself. Meh.

  3. Congratulations on turning 2. Makes me wonder if I’ll get that far. Paying for space is a big step, though not that big I guess, based on what y’ll are saying. I have a hard time, because I can’t get to certain blogs at work but others (wordpress.com) come through just fine. In fact, I can get to Ysharros’, but not Kirith’s.

    1. I guess wordpress.com is on a safe list and ninveah.com is not — maybe that’s one argument in favour of *not* hosting one’s own site. Unless of course you can get the RSS feed for Kirith’s site; that could be one way round the blocking. I’m not web-savvy enough to know if that would work though. My own workplace has no such restrictions (yay for office-home! :D).

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