The Long Journey Back

As I climb back into the pilot’s chair of EVE after my break, I keep wondering what I’ve forgotten.  There’s alot in EVE to wrap you’re head around, and alot of times forgetfullness can get you killed.

So I’ve spent the last few nights trying make sure my house is in order, so to speak.  I did a solid audit of my inventory, checked my insurance policies and clones, double checked the corps war status, etc.  Its a good time to come back.  Things have died down and the corp has begun to establish itself as an industrial presence in the area (my corp buddy says we are “dug in”).   We have T2 production lines up for Caldari and Gallente ships, and have several alliance invites on the table, though none of these really offer anything for us (apparently being in an alliance is supposed to be draw enough on its own…), so I don’t think we will be taking them. 

The main problem facing me now is cash flow.  I like to keep  a buffer of about 50 million in the wallet these days.  Thats enough that if the sky fell down on my head and I lost everything, I could retreat to a hi sec area I know well, kit out a battlecruiser, and comfortably run level 3’s until I got my legs back under me.  Trouble is, I’m not alot above that buffer right now.  Last time I bought my way out with a PLEX, and I had the real life cash to do so.  I could probably do so again with a little wiggling, but I’m not really ready to do it.

So I’ve been trying to establish some income again in game.  I went through my containers and checked – over the last few months I’ve opened up access to *alot* of T2 modules.  So I cleared out all T1 generics, and in some cases, named T1’s, that I had sitting around.  I also sold off or preproc’d the noncombat frigates. And I undocked for the first time in I don’t know how long, with no need to worry about war targets.   I did manage to clear almost 5 million last night, which isn’t alot in the grand scheme of things, but for a night when I was still trying to get my legs back under me, it was an encouraging start.  Especially since I learned that for many classes of ships, the bottom has fallen out of the market.  The Armageddon’s were going for 50 million when I left, now you can get them under 40 million.  I bought the Curse because it was a good deal at 105 million, now they are selling for 82 million.   The good old Prophecy, which was selling for 23 million, goes for 17 million now.  I understand this is because of the mineral prices (Trit goes for 2.3 on a good day around my area), but OUCH!

So I’m trying to figure out how to best proceed.  My main industrial income was from said ship manufacturing, which doesn’t really pay well these days.  My mission running income was from buddying with level 4’s that I don’t have access to normally, so I’m down to level 2’s on my own now that we are in Gallente space rather than Minmatar (Level 1’s if you consider I’d really rather be working Amarr stats instead).  Mining, as noted above, is even less profitable now, and I’m short on equipment as it is.    So it looks like it’s going to take a little elbow grease and good old fashioned penny pinching to get me moving again.  Hopefully I can blug into the corp’s T2 production somehow, via Planetary Interaction or Research/Invention (which I still need to explore more fully).

Tips are appreciated. (And by that I mean advice more so than straight ISK, but if you are feeling generous, heh…)