The Long Journey Back, Part 2

So I got on last night, confident that it was time to get back in the saddle with some moneymaking.  I loaded a few items onto Nightstalker, but my audit had reminded me that most of what I needed I had already carried into the pocket.  I have relocated the Amarr agents I had intended to utilize for the time being, and everything was green.  But just to be on the safe side, I asked the corp, “What’s the lo-sec bridge through (system x) look like lately?”  I was quickly warned by multiple people not to go there.  Some lo-sec systems don’t see alot of traffic and are nice for ratting and mining, but some lo-sec systems are absolute warzones.  I imagine it compares favorably to the Old West in the 1800’s – sometimes you get a nice little mining town, and sometimes you get robbed, beaten, and left for dead.  This bridge had become the latter, and was consistently the top system in the region for kills and pod kills both.   “Use the (system y) bridge instead” was the advice I got.  Great.  That’s four jumps from here, and I have everything here unpacked and settled.   Time to move.  AGAIN.

This is analogous to me moving in EVE Online.

I hate moving in EVE.  In fact, the entire reason Orca is on my laundry list to train is so that I can dump everything in one ship and move it.  Yeah, I know, bad idea, “all your eggs in one basket” and all that.  But I would at least like to find someway to make the journey in less than 5-6 trips (about what it takes me these days with my industrial full of modules being two of those and rigged ships being the remainder).

Anyway, I got most everything over last night, even with a surprise visit from my brother, who himself hasn’t been on in awhile.  But I decided in the process of moving that it was definitely time to say goodbye to Teeth in the Dark and the unused Curse.  That will net me  enough cash to finally set up a a research operation and planetary indsustry for additional cashflow and to help the corp in some way beyond my sporadic mining.   I just don’t need a battleship or combat recond right now since it will be awhile before I’m running missions difficult enough to need one, and by the time I am, I will hopefully have been able to put together what I need to buy or build my command ship.

Goodbye old friend. We've had some good times haven't we?

So tonight should be it.  When I log off tonight, I should be 110 million ISK richer and integrated myself back into game time with my corpmates and buddies.  Not too shabby considering when I started this process, I thought it was going to take alot longer than that.  Something comes to mind about EVE being like Reversi or Othello.  It is extraordinarily complex, and yet, once you know the basic moves, it seems easy to jump in and get rolling again.


One thought on “The Long Journey Back, Part 2

  1. Ghanur

    Welcome back 😉

    Moving is not the best part of EVE, I do have a complete stack of ships where I do missions, coupled with jump clones – it’s a lot of money collecting dust this way, but far superior to moving ships around…


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